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  1. I used some cheap leather welding gloves I got at Harbor Freight years ago. Gripping it was not a problem with the gloves. You do have to be patient and let the heat do the work. It just started to smoke (fume) a bit before it turned easy.
  2. I just shoot them out! Keep a 5 gallon can of drywall compound handy if you're indoors at the time.
  3. I don't have one but the GG&G model pops up quite frequently and it would be worth searching the existing threads for info. http://www.gggaz.com/index.php?id=83&parents=60,63
  4. I read the entire thread and I keep thinking of a Simpson's episode where Homer put one of those novelty "Drinking Bird" toys next to his keyboard and it kept pecking the enter key...over and over and over again...PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! Botach appears to have sold out again so H&K is free to raise the price back up to $699 again. Free Market Rules! Personally, I was waiting for his "BOGO" sale.
  5. It looks like Botach has the collapsible stocks listed again. Although they apparently fixed the pricing anomaly from last time ($499 with 10% off sale); no fire sale prices this time around
  6. OhioM4

    More Titanium Parts

    Scenario 1 That little needle shaped thing is the "quick release"! It's part of the new Obamacare initiative. This way if you don't have the mandatory natiional health insurance they can restore the wrist quickly to its gnarly twisted state with a quick pull of the pin. Scenario 2 Its a triggering pin like that on a grenade! If the Orthopedic surgeon pulls the pin and starts counting...rip off your arm and thow it as far away from you as possible. Helpful hints; if your doctor wears a turban suspect scenario 2. If its Obamacare chances are the doctor was wearing a little propeller beanie.
  7. OhioM4


    I'll trade my M4 for an G18 or G18c! I may even throw in a few hundred dollars.
  8. When I was a machinist the rule of thumb for torquing fastners was to tighten them until they snapped off and then back off a quarter turn!
  9. Did you buy him when he was just 12ga in diameter? As a bore snake that's got to be at least 40mm!
  10. IMHO it's the groove down the middle that will determine if it works for you or not. If you have an optic or mount with bars all the way across that fully engages the rail key (like an Eotech) I think it is OK. The definite problem is with mounts that are also keyed or grooved in some way (the LaRue only has small ears that engage the rail groove). Such that there is not a complete horizontal bearing surface. In this situation you end up with only minimal contact between the mount and the rail. There are pictures posted of the LaRue mount that clearly show that only a tiny corner of the mount key bears against the corner of the Benelli rail. This situation clearly calls for a non-grooved rail to ensure full engagement of the mount keys in the groove. I have an Eotech and the cross screw bears fully on the Benelli rail keys and I don't worry about it. I'm buying the rail in case I want to try other optics with the gun.
  11. Kip just updated his website this morning to include the new Picatinny Rails. $57 plus shipping. http://shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=6&categoryId=5
  12. I borrowed a heat gun from a coworker. It had a locking trigger so I turned it on and set it down on top of the stove in the kitchen with the nozzle pointing into the kitchen. This left both hands free to handle the receiver and mag tube. I had a pair of heavy leather gloves to protect my hands. I kept turning the assembly so I evenly heated it. I periodically gave it a good twist with my hands. Once it reached the right temp, slight smell and wisp of smoke, it started turning. It did turn very slowly and I kept heating it a little as I turned it. No vise or strap wrench was necessary. I also considered heating it in the oven. I think it would work well but I was concerned about chemical smells...mmmm...Loktite flavored cookies.
  13. OhioM4

    Kip "Still Alive..."

    It's currently being used to hold Kip's Lunate and Ulna bones together!
  14. Looks like it was re-listed and finally sold for $600. I was really hoping he would get the one grand he originally listed it for. Oh well...one positive note, I showed my wife the listing after she was mad at me for buying mine from Botach at $225. Her attitude suddenly changed from "Why are you wasting money on guns!" to "Should we buy more gun stuff?"
  15. I'm sure someone will trade you a $1,000 collapsible stock for it.
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