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  1. I have don't any optics or lights on my M4, yet - but I can speak to the X400. I use one on my HK USPC 40 and I love it. It's well built, has the Surefire quality we are all accustomed to and has never given me a single doubt. When I am able to add to my optics and light to my M4, I will go with Surefire.... for sure. As for the Optics, I'm thinking of the Leupold Delta Point in 3.5 MOA, myself.... but now I'll research the Trijicon RMR too. The Aimpoint T-1 was another I was considering earlier. Good luck, post a pic when you're done! Cheers, 17Load
  2. Wow, StrangerDanger, you're the HEAT! I'm definitely going to have to read that 1-2 or 32 times before I attempt it! The last thing I want is to muck it up!! I appreciate your time and effort to add the diagram and directions - that's HUGE!! Cheers!!
  3. StrangerDanger, nice work of art! Can you help with a question, please. I also purchased the Dave's Metal Works Oversized Safety, doe this require a gunsmith to put it together? I was a little disappointed the DMW part arrived without any instructions. Will you please provide any inputs about this? Thanks in advance!! Cheers, 17load
  4. Check out the main Benelli thread, HECKLER&KOCKP2000 has collapsable M4 stocks for sale. Cheers!
  5. SUCCESS!! The heat gun was the trick. It took 10+ minutes of applying heat (I think I was putting it too far out on the tube at first) before I was able to slowly start rotating the magazine tube. This was just me and hand/arm strength, I didn't have a vice available so maybe that would help it turn sooner - not sure but probably. I did use a piece of rubber for handling the tube as it does heat up pretty good. I cleaned up the remaining lock-tite with a wire brush and threaded on the new tube w/no issues. Also, without a vice, it's hard finding a place to hold the receiver/stock tha
  6. Just wanted to say "thank you" for detailing the removal and installation of the stock. It's much appreciated! I'm a new Benelli owner and I don't want to muck things up. These forums are very helpful! Cheers!
  7. Thanks, using a heat gun tomorrow and going to give it a shot!
  8. Thanks saym14! This is now my Saturday project but I feel a lot more confident about getting the original tube off. I appreciate your comment!!
  9. Thank you USCM - my tube didn't come with any instructions at all (but I also didn't realize there would be factory set lock-tite on it either). Nothing's ever easy anymore! Anyway, thanks for the tire tube suggestion - I'm going to try it out. I appreciate your time and help!!
  10. Thanks M4Madness! I was thinking small propane torch but am going to go with a heat gun now. Also, thanks for confirming about the handguard retainer plate not being the issue - I didn't think so, but wasn't 100% sure. Cheers!
  11. I think I've found my answers by reading SOCOMguy's thread on his full length tubes. And why didn't I read this before!!! Ugh! If anyone wants to volunteer any help, that would be great - going to try SOCOMguy's method.
  12. Hello, without a heat gun, what method did you use to remove the original magazine tube? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  13. I've just purchased a 7-round, single piece magazine tube from Dave's Metal Works (they call it their 2 Round Replacement Tube). I'm having issues unscrewing the original magazine tube from the receiver and I don't want to botch it up. Has anyone removed their magazine tube and if so, what method did you use? Was there a serious amount of force/torque needed to begin unscrewing the magazine tube? My M4 is stripped down to just having the magazine tube remaining against the receiver (plus the Forearm Retaining Band). It appears the retaining band is held in place by the magazine tube,
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