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  1. LOL it's a homeless, bum Benelli
  2. Thanks for the picture. I do like the look of it over the factory stock. Thanks!
  3. I'm thinking about buying one of these Mesa stocks, but was wondering if anyone here has any pictures of it installed. Do you like it? It looks like it's only half and inch shorter than the factory fixed stock so what is the point? Thanks!!!
  4. [h=1]Poor man's Benelli M4?!!![/h] LOL:D
  5. Buckenball, where did you get that stock? I'm looking to buy one! Thanks!
  6. benelliwerkes... that is sick WOW. What is the extra rail on the top? And that double shell holder? Do you prefer the scout over the X400? I have one on my AR. StrangerDanger! Details on those sling mounts please! That setup is exactly what I want! Aimpoint Micro T-1 is now on the table for me. Where did you guys buy your Aimpoints? I mostly shop online at Opticsplanet, but if there is a better deal, please share! Thanks for the replies! Nice pics!
  7. Hello fellow M4 owners! I have come in search of knowledge. What optics and lights do you run on your gun (pics please! )? I'm thinking about buying a Trijicon RMR dual and a Surefire X400, but would like to hear from other M4 owners before I spend another $1000 on this money monster. Who has used any of these? Is there something better? I have a Surefire M80 rail that I plan on using to mount the light. Pic below. Thanks guys! [ATTACH=CONFIG]802[/ATTACH]
  8. Anyone use these? I just ordered a Surefire M80 rail and am thinking about this as an option. What do you guys run? Thanks!
  9. Okay! Sent you an e-mail. Thanks!!
  10. Email me if you want to send a money order. [email protected]

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