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  1. Thanks for the replies; right now I have a M4 with collapsible stock and other accessories, and planning on picking up a SuperNova Tactical package just for grins. The field gun would be the third to round out my Benelli collection. Was browsing and noted both the SBE II and the M2 Field were possibles. Does one trump the other in 26"?
  2. My firearms are geared to my typical usage in regards to being in law enforcement. However, I am entertaining the thought of getting into hunting just to obtain a self preservation skill. Of course, not having done it before, I am lost. Is there one Benelli model I can purchase that I could use with a variety of game/fowl or am I best left to stick with dedicted models? If the later, I'll move on and begin my research in the subforums dedicated to large game, fowl, etc. Not going to turn it into a hobby so would like to minimize it to a one weapon purchase if possible since my attention which remain dedicated to tactical and defensive shooting skills with my other weapons.
  3. We use this load at work as a duty and range round. It does hold a solid pattern but I noticed that it was more obvious when it threw out strays from the pattern. Overall it has been a good round when I used it. At home in my M4 I just use the 9-Pellet Federal RR LE round. I don't see any diehard reasons to swap.
  4. Received the above mentioned parts this afternoon and it has been discovered that the diameter of the rings is greater than that on the M4. Any other ideas?
  5. Thanks Hook, will give it a look.
  6. Good evening, in my infinite wisdom I removed the front sling swivel from my M4 when I anticipated moving to a single point setup. I have since moved and what would you know, I bit myself in the ass and misplaced the front sling mount and locking ring. I did a quick Google search and found little, was wondering if anyone knew where I could pick up a replacement as I am going to finally stick with the two point Vickers sling. Thanks.
  7. Sup everyone, have not been able to locate the information I am looking for via Google or Military.com so figured I would see if you could help since you are the Benelli conosouers. Am putting togther a course of fire for my range training days so I get more out of it in lieu of just wasting ammo. Have the courses of fire set for my duty pistol and my Commando, but am finding little I feel would benefit me for my Benelli M4. Do any of you current guys know what the current course of fire and/or qual is for the USMC M1014? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  8. On my M4 I have the factory/L.E. two round extention. Since installing it on my gun the last round has always hung up. I am assuming that I need a stronger spring to handle the increased length of the tube. What are the better products out there that could correct this problem and work with the Benelli and M4?
  9. Thank you Andy, a slow night shift has got my mind turned off. Should have mentioned I have an M4LE. But, after reading your post, I think it will steer me in the right direction since what you describe seems to be the same as on my gun. Thanks. Brad
  10. Hello all, I have searched the board, web and manual and have yet to find an answer. I am installing my two-round extention this week and do not know the best way to go about opening up the factory tube to allow for the spring and follower to extend into the extention. Any assistance would help. I have looked over the tube but want to double check how to do this before I ruin something. Thanks. Brad
  11. Guns America: http://www.gunsamerica.com/classifieds/none/_976815672.aspx for $515.00 Impact Guns: http://www.impactguns.com/store/20161.html for $489.00 Thats what I could find as far as Google... as far as stores, I have yet to see one here in Oklahoma City. Hope that helped or gave ya some hope.
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