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  1. Thanks all for the warm welcome I look forward to picking up my new benelli..... And M1 that is one sexy looking shotgun! How many can you fit in the tube.. 9- 10?
  2. Thanks for the response... As far as adding anything else to the M1, its pretty much already setup to my taste. I also like the straight stock its got on it vs. the pistol grip, nothing against the pistol grip I am just use to training with the a straight stock and prefer it over the pistol grip..
  3. Okay maybe I should not limit my questions to just M1 Entry model owners and just all M1 owners..... and see if I get any answers...
  4. Hello All, I am new to forum, just recently scored a Benelli M1 Entry Model with Surefire forend Ghost Ring NS's for a really good deal... Waiting on the Class III papers to finish pending so I can bring it home... First off this will be my first Benelli purchase.. I own several pumps IE (remington's Mossberg, Ithaca) I bought this M1 for the intentions of a good HD gun and might be carried with me on duty in the near future... Questions for all you M1 owners are there any things I need to look out for this gun as far as special matience? types of shells it should be fed? Has anyone tried add
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