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  1. 100 plus shipping and fees and she's yours. Nothing wrong just collecting dust.
  2. Tinman thanks for the feedback oem m4 pistol grip stock available for a steal.
  3. Sold mine last week as well. How much did you get for yours?
  4. Field stock sold and shipped. Pistol grip stock available. I know we have someone on the forum who wants to custom their lop on a real benelli stock.
  5. Thanks for the inquiries. Willing to sell both stocks for 400 plus shipping. Make an offer if you want just 1.
  6. OEM Benelli Field stock plus an OEM Benelli pistol grip stock. Both stocks are the original factory M4 parts. Shoot me a pm of make an offer.
  7. Priced at 2700 obo. Amazing deal for a Benelli fan.
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