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  1. 100 plus shipping and fees and she's yours. Nothing wrong just collecting dust.
  2. Tinman thanks for the feedback oem m4 pistol grip stock available for a steal.
  3. Sold mine last week as well. How much did you get for yours?
  4. Field stock sold and shipped. Pistol grip stock available. I know we have someone on the forum who wants to custom their lop on a real benelli stock.
  5. Thanks for the inquiries. Willing to sell both stocks for 400 plus shipping. Make an offer if you want just 1.
  6. OEM Benelli Field stock plus an OEM Benelli pistol grip stock. Both stocks are the original factory M4 parts. Shoot me a pm of make an offer.
  7. Priced at 2700 obo. Amazing deal for a Benelli fan.
  8. They're prett rare for a field stock. I have one as well. I would say in the 300 range.
  9. You can use it in all 3 positions. Tacklbarry sent u a pm.
  10. +1 My friend was told the same thing by his department. He said they actually laughed at him when he brought up the letter.
  11. Like the title says I am selling my decked out Benelli M4 shotgun. The time has come that I am looking to part with this item and wanted to put it on here before gunbroker. I have what I believe to be the ultimate Benelli setup. I have personally spent several years getting all these factory parts and extras. The gun has been babied and had maybe 250 rounds down the hole. Functions flawlessly. Heres whats included: Black Benelli M4 Shotgun Ghost Ring Sights Factory Benelli Collapsible Stock Facotry Benelli Standard Rifle Stock Factory Benelli Pistol Stock Factory Benelli 2 Plus Extension Triple Rail Mounted on Barrel Insight TLR-2 Light Laser combo Black Hard Case with foam Weapon is in excellent condition and comes with all original parts on top of the extras listed with box, all manuals, warranty card, and original receipt. That's right I have all 3 original Benelli stocks. I am not looking to part out the weapon and am looking to sell as a complete package deal. $2600 plus shipping and FFL.
  12. Pics on Photobucket. Will reduce the price for a serious offer by removing the tlr light laser combo. LMK if any more interest before I list on gunbroker.
  13. Link to my Photobucket added. Please keep in mind these are ipho%e pics as my Nikon was stolen. Thanks for the interest. http://s1137.photobucket.com/albums/n519/MattVan7/Benelli%20M4/
  14. I got one for sale with alot of oem extras that I spent years putting together. Pm me if interested. Bet you love your Z06. I miss my corvette but can't fit the family.
  15. I can text you pics of the whole package for serious buyers. All pm's replied to. Thanks for the interest and inquiries.
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