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  1. Plenty of offers the 1st 24 hours. Stock still available.
  2. Thanks for all the offers in a short amount of time. Remember I'm not desperate to give away the stock. Lowball offers from junior members will be ignored. Another member on here has a stock listed for 800 bin.I'm pretty close to letting this go so get your offers in.
  3. I would suggest you do some research on the cost of a collapsible factory stock. 500 is much lower then the current value but its nice to see an offer within a matter of minutes of the post.
  4. I have a Benelli oem collapsible stock for sale. It has been mounted on my M4 and shot 2 times at the range aprrox 50 -60 rounds in total. Excellent working condition.For most of the M4 owners on here you know how rare and hard these are to come buy. I hate to get rid of it but make me the right offer an it's yours. I am a trusted senior member and have completed transaction on this forum as well as Ebay. Send a pm for faster response.
  5. I have heard good things about the larue mount. Unless you have a collapsible stock its a waste to mount any sight cause it can not be used usefully at full lenth of pull.
  6. This is by far trhe best mod for a M4. Trust me I have all 3 stocks.
  7. From my understanding you can get away with the ext tube if you were to install a regular stock and get rid of the pistol grip. At least that's what people in the republic of cali are doing to avoid problems.
  8. I have one that has been lightly used. It just depends on your offer as they are getting harder and harder to find and Im not 100% sure I want to part with it.Send me a pm.
  9. Congrats on the M4 shotgun purchase you made the right choice. Now as far as a sidesaddle, I have a nylon buttstock sidesaddle that balances better over the rail mounted ones imho.
  10. If its cracking or drying out I would replace it. Heck its a Benelli and you probably spent good money on it so whats a new recoil pad? If its just scratched or knicked per say I wouldnt replace it.
  11. Get the monte if you must have the walnut otherwise an M2 or sbe should be fine.
  12. You can get the mag extension or a full tube and hold 7+1. Just in case you encountersome zombies or live in Phoenix like me where every morning we hear of some home invasion on the news. I also have a buttstock nylon side saddle. Call me paranoid.lol
  13. HK USP 40 compact for carry fullsize 40 or 45 w tlr 3 for the nightstand. I can't believe that Im only the 3rd person to mention Hk in a Benelli forum. For reliabilty in any condtion, I recommend Hk USP just look at the torture test they put them thorugh. Now I do have to say I have shot alot of 1911's and like them but unless I can spend 3K on a Les baer custom 40 high cap I wont switch from my HK.
  14. I can tell you from expierence with my buddies M1 and M3 you dont want to add alot of weight to the gun such as a flashlight can cause it to jam due the inertia system. Cycle 150-250 rounds of 00 buck full power and you should be able to feedlow recoil buck or birdshot after its broken in. If its for just hd or duty keep it stocked with full power 00 buck.Just my 2 cents. Congrats on finding one with a short barrel as they are really hard to find. If you want to mount a bunch of tactical stuff for HD you would be better suited with an M4.Btw its a great gun that started the whole Benelli semi auto swat revolution!
  15. Nice Pic. My M4 is def a zombie slayer.
  16. Interested in your oem tube send me a pm. I'm gonna install myself not use a gunsmith.
  17. I have a collapsible M4 stock just not sure I want to sell it. You would have to make a good offer considerning the rarity and the price there going for on gun broker.Send me a pm if interested.
  18. If it's good enough to the Marines its good enough for me. My friend in Iraq loves this shotgun.He says it his best friend since his dogs here in the states.lol
  19. Mako get the Tlr-2 from insight. I like it cause its police proven and I have had my on my M4 since Xmas. Lifetime warranty as well. I figured since I spent a boatload on my M4 whats the difference of spending an extra 100 for the laserlight combo versus just the light. imho the laser is very intimidating. I have seen a laser on a weapon stop situations before it could even escalate. Just my 2 cents.
  20. tdaggett thx for the range report.
  21. Bump for a great deal if not already sold. Man M1 was my 1st shotgun. It gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  22. Too funny. These stock are one of the best ways to mod your m4 inmho. Btw props on your tag super legit and professional like H&K.
  23. +1 with dugann try shooting a serbu super shorty. If it didnt have that donkey d**k on the front you hit your self almost everytime. The telescoping M4 stock is one of my favorite mods. Iv'e only seen one supernova adj stock in a pic,believe it was from a european member.
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