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  1. zee10103

    Cool M4

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]788[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]789[/ATTACH] Bad guys be-ware of break in.
  2. zee10103

    Cool M4

    Yea Linoleum Tearing
  3. zee10103

    Cool M4

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]623[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]622[/ATTACH]Took M4 to Apopka Shoot Straight. Dumped 25 empty caseins 5 @ a time. All other shooters liked the M4 set up I did. [ATTACH=CONFIG]621[/ATTACH] New Anti-Aircraft for the MG42. Sideways?
  4. Need to see a scan of that nice M4 with the 8" barrel.
  5. Hookster would be more qualified than me. I own just one M4. The Stocks are hard to come buy. I was lucky to buy one for $400.00 Cash from a individual. The Magazines are all over the spectrum. Price, type of metals used, and your needs.
  6. I just added some MG42 Photos with German Tr****.
  7. Look@ my scans in my profile. I am verry pleased with this system 110%. zee10103
  8. What is that Stain on the Bed Sheet?
  9. I have a Scan @ my Home Page. The Breacher is BOSS.
  10. Hoshizaki Yce Cuber Tool Kit.
  11. I have some scans @ my Home page. May help you out.
  12. I posted some scans @ my Home Page. The Sling System I use is Functional and will not break the Bank. I still do not know how to place a scan on one of these forums.
  13. I am pulling my two pistins out today. I will Gold Plate them both and Stamp USA 32703. Thanks for the ID.
  14. Man, I want you to represent me in Court when I am charged with a ATF violation. You could make a dirt bag of the Trail,look like a sweet and innocent Angel.
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