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  • Birthday 05/28/1970

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    Jonny Walkers Biggest Customer
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    So Cal ( yuck )
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    Guess, Im on a Benelli forum.......
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    IT Network Eng.

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  1. Oh, yea that SCAR is sweet.... read about it in one of the latest issues of the Rifleman magazine.... FN makes some good stuff!
  2. Hey Hookie, I was actually thinking of putting a Monster man on this to get around that "evil feature"... not that its hard to swap out grips... might be handy to have laying around... for the other M4's I have.....hmmmm
  3. LOL.... Stranger Danger... all that is required for changing out the mag release is a small flat blade screw driver... Its a 15 second operation! I looked at the leRue and I kept coming back to LWRC... But they are both top notch stuff!
  4. HA!!! I never noticed you in here.... Well like I said in the other joint.... TOC!!!!! Cant wait... gimmme gimmme gimmeeeeeee
  5. Double Yawnnnnnnn http://www.opticsplanet.net/surefire-hellfighter-tactical-spotlight.html
  6. Allow me to Introduce LWRC REPR 9 days 19 hours 29 minutes and counting till I picker up!
  7. LMAO Nice 7.62's guys... Im in the market for a trooper/loaded as well.... Obama bent me over though, so wating for the I R S to finish with me so I can go buy more guns to support our great countries economy
  8. Mine goes Blamm, Even when loaded with spam! ( 00 12g Spam that is )
  9. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    I dont have snap ring plyers either, I used a narrow pair of needle nose that worked just dandy! That ring isnt set ilke a normal snap ring that fits in a groove, it basically compresses in to the tube... Easy as pie!
  10. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    thanks, this was WAY easier than I thought... the second time.... the first one I did, ( the top of the pic ) took about 1/2 an hour... Only because i was a bit sceptical of heating the tube and the receiver too fast... the second one took a grand total of 10 minutes to strip down the weapon, remove everything, install the tube and get her all put back together.... good times!
  11. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    seen em..... they are gorgeous.... almost too good looking.. should be behind glass M1014! Sometimes when the wife aint around, I search for them in this board.... TMI ! ! ! LMAO
  12. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    Thank you sir! Off to Ice the hand LMAO.... i was just thinking... these thing are now worth abot 220 bucks a pound... got Kobi Beef Licked! picking up Kimber #2 on tuesday... Raptor II SS 5in. WHOO WHOOOOOOO My way of "stimulating" the economy of KRAZIFORNIA!
  13. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    Channel Locks are for girls, I used my teeth on the second one, cuz my hand is cooked My version of 922r compliance!
  14. M4JOHN

    OH ! Happy Days

    You are 100% correct Skeet.... Truth be told, I havent got the second tube on yet... Burnt the sh!t out of my hand unscrewing the first one But when this burn gel and the lidocaine kick in, Ill be back to the bench! On a side note... good god, did Benelli really need 5 fluid ounces of locktite on the damn tube for fear it would unscrew???? REALLY?????? Pictures in the morning, Promise!
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