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  1. I wrote some time back about a 20 gauge Benelli Cordoba that was having jamming problems. I had tried everything from cleaning to different lubricants and different ammo. It still had a jamming rate of about 1 to 2%. This was unacceptable to me so I sent it back to Benelli. I got the gun back with form letter saying that the gun was repaired and cleaned. I took it out to the skeet range for three rounds of skeet. Same old thing. It jammed again. I was disgusted and threw the thing in the trunk of my car and left. Nothing was fixed at all, just a lot of time wasted. Yes, I heard al
  2. My Cordoba is a 20 gauge. A 1 1/8 ounce load would be one hot load for it. The gun was made to shot low powered dove loads. Got that? The ability to float an extra cartridge had nothing to do with some military design but was an anti-jam feature as Benelli itself said. What is with some of you people? Really do you work for Benelli? Or is it you're so enthralled with the gun that you can't believe it has flaws?
  3. Yes, I hope they do fix the gun because I do like the way it handles and the new stock is really nice. As to the guy that said it is a single case, read my most again. Two of us bought Cordobas and they both jam. My friend's is worse than mine. Mine jams at a rate of about 1%. I would say his is at least double that rate. As far as my one case tarnishing Benelli's reputation goes, I suggest you Google "Benelli jamming". There are many, many cases of this. Mine usually jams with the bolt open and the shell stuck in the carrier. Factory rounds and all types. A jam is a jam. A
  4. Benelli had a reputation as the most dependable autoloading shotgun in world. Not any longer. A friend of mine and I just returned brand new Cordoba shotguns to Benelli. They jam and jam and jam. They jam with all sorts of ammo despite being thoroughly cleaned. They jammed right out of the box. They jammed after being completely stripped and cleaned. They jam with all sorts of different lubricants. They just jam. I have had Benellis before and never had this problem. I used an older Benelli last month in Argentina with horrible CAZA ammo and it worked. That ammo is the worst I h
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