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  1. Depending on guns a 10 Ga with 2 1/4 ozwill recoil 20-30 lbs less than same 12 Ga 3.5 . Right now im trying to find a browning distributor who has a bps10 I dnt want till july to buy one
  2. They should make it 10 Ga just so it will offer somthing different. But for now im staying with bps10 and one day a sp10
  3. i found one on ebay uh oh lol . is it illegal only for the m4 models or what will it fit sbe2 models ? whats the downlow ? http://compare.ebay.com/like/270658746344?ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=177592766592&crlp=1_263602_304662&UA=%3F*I8&GUID=a4eb2e8412c0a0b3f8f5e9b5ff17b300&itemid=270658746344&ff4=263602_304662
  4. just get a burris fastfire . **** my mossberg 500 shoots 2 ft low and 1 ft to the right
  5. here a pattern picture of my 10 ga #2 load 1 5/8 oz @ 1350 fps . 40 yards 17-23" spread that my new briley spectrum invector actually a invector + but listed as regular invector Ligh Modified my do it all cgoke , buckshot,slugs. F steel shot here is the pattern looks pretty good for a 40 yard hit
  6. You should head over to duckhuntingchat.com and ask them about the p-350 but imn going to tell you they all hate it . I liked mine buy only fired few 3.5 and 3" out of it I had the 6.4 lb version traded it though . You'd probably be happeir with a supernova:D
  7. hahaha ,,, Nope . You cant . But with the right choke load combo you dont need a extra 2" of barrel length unless you want it . Like i have a 23" barrel for my 10 ga next year im just going to buy another one with a 30" barrel
  8. I had decent shots with winchester 1 oz foster @ 1700 fps only tested it to about 40 yards bit it would hit a 5 gallon bucket . though ranges here for hunting , rarely exceed 60 yards I also here great things about the brennekke or however it spelled black magic slug
  9. you might want to try indian creek chokes . if your not happy with the constriction you can trade it in for free . or a rhino choke . right now i have a briley light mod on the way non ported. for my 10 gauge i plan on using buckshot on deer plus it will work with flight control wads .
  10. i wish benelli would make the super nova in 10 ga or vinci . it's not what every thinks and more that what nay says think . its very fun to shoot though. every time i get the chance i let someone shoot it and they say wow its not that bad . shells not more than 12 ga 3.5 but are cause people compare them to 2 3/4" 12 ga shells
  11. hey man where you been ?

  12. I traded a old beat up 48 al 20 ga . worth about 300-400$. but i dont like 20's or semi autos .And the 10 ga dnt kick me around like other's it's koinda addicting to shoot . But i have to remind my self at the ammo price . but it's only a 3$ per box-25 rds internet it great for getting ammo.it's considerably louder than a 12 3.5 becasue the larger bore etc. But it's a hoot to shoot .next im going to get a 213 sxs 10 ga or vinci but 10's are funner to shoot
  13. got me a 10 ga traded frabchi 48 al 20 ga that was beat up .this gun has screw in choke 24" barrel and was dipped . fired 2 1/4 oz and 2 oz loads so far kicks less than my stoeger p-350 which was 6 lbs louder to .benelli need to make a supernova 10 ga
  14. i had a fiber optic sight took it off couldnt see my target like with the bead
  15. 119 hits of copper plated #5 1 3/4 @ 1300 fps .I here that this is a great number considering most peoplwe say they only get 80-90 pellets from this load.Seen the 3.5 HV load with a overbored barrek still only got 125 pellets with a .710 choke .Still though it is only 43% of the pattern density why i was shooting at the corner i have no idea .Here is another photo i marked whay appears to be spacing or gaps in my pattern will have to try a smaller shot or hevi-shot or somthing else .To fill in the gaps Id hate to see the gaps with 80-90 pellets
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