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  1. To: TIMB99, SgtCathy, tucker301, HOGNUTZ, Rob72, Duggan and agm65ccip, I just logged into the site and saw the seven reply's to my initial post and first off; I appreciate your candid responses and hard earned sage advice... Rgr rgr and copy all regarding the fit and adjustments to the gun or my personal adaptation to the Vinci. Again, your posts are most welcomed and will be put into practice. I found another thread posted today regarding this very topic... I think this shooter is experiencing some of the same issues as well, I hope the best works out for him and I will further post my r
  2. I posted about four weeks ago (To my VINCI brothers and Sisters...) about my initial shooting experience and now want to add two hunting experiences with a new out of the box Black Vinci 12 Ga. This is a personal observation and not an indictment of quality of craftsmanship or quality of any products. If you care to read further this is what happened. 1. 1. Patterned gun, all shot placements were center high ~8 inches (give or take an inch either way), all chokes. 2. Refitted the gun shims to maximize the cast (off) and drop. 3. Patterned again – test results nearly the same
  3. To my VINCI brothers and Sisters... Weekend course of action round up: Thursday started with the pattern board and all of Ms. Vinci’s chokes. Due to the location of the pattern board the largest shell I am allowed to use is 7 ½’s b/c of restrictions on lead and carry of shot over the course. So here’s what happened. I stopped by Lowes and purchased some large moving boxes for the pattern board and cut them up accordingly. Each choke rx’d two shots of 7 ½, 1 1/8 oz, 2 ¾, Remington Gun Club shells on the pattern board. I processed all five chokes and made notes on the bottom of the
  4. I have finally purchased a new Benelli VINCI this past weekend (Oct ’10) and what my experience was like. This is only a personal review and no way reflects what I have read or talked to other members who own Benelli’s. Let me start by saying I have four Benelli’s and for the record, I have been hunting with shotguns for over 35 years FWIW… My first shotgun was a Mossberg (Coast-to-Coast) 20 ga pump the followed by the venerable Remington 870 12ga Wingmaster, Ithaca MAG 10, and finally my first H&K Benelli SBE 12 ga, followed by a 20 ga. Montefeltro, M1 Super 90 20 ga, Multiple Beret
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