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  1. Ya thats all Im worried about, maybee come spring with some nicer weather I ***l give it more work but for now its ok. What a sweet gun though.
  2. I was shooting today anf with the z shim i was hitting a piece of paper at 40 yards with more bb's with that shim, plus I could see down the barrel alot easier. I tried all the shims today with the same shells and the same choke.
  3. Thats the one I was using, today I switched it to the z one and that worked alot better. I shot about 8 rounds on all of them and that one seemed to feel the best, however I think I might try a different turkey load than the Winchesters 3" 6 shot. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks I was going to try and take a Turkey with this gun this spring, what loads do you use with this. If you dont turkey hunt what do you use in general. Thanks
  5. Hey all cand anyone that ownes this gun help me sight this thing in. I am shooting high and left, how do you use those shims that go in the stock work. They all look the same can anyone help, Thanks.
  6. I know, I may need to take my skirt off. Anybody know how to site this thing in it shoots high and to the right. Those shims that it comes with are hard to understand. Thanks.
  7. Today I shot some heavy 3" turkey loads today and this gun kicks hard. If you put this light weight gun with a 3.5" its going to hurt some shoulders out there. I shot 2 boxes today for break in and love this thing but man I am sore.
  8. Ok sorry for that this is from my cell on my vinci manual that I just picked up.
  9. Guys this is true I have pics but for some strange reason I cant post them till I have 5 posts (which is corny) so I will get it to ya. Anyways why be upset 3" VS 3.5" is not that big of a deal, thats why I have my 870.
  10. I picked up my Vinci today and the manual has 2 guns in it a Vinci and super Vinci. Looks like it has a slug barrel with it. I might have just let the cat out before there Vegas show but I think its a 3.5 magnum vinci. I could not imagine shooting a 3.5 out of this gun (ouch). Well hope Im right but I think thats what is coming from Benelli this year. Have fun with this thread.
  11. Hey all great insite on the vici I have been trying to decide between the vici or the sbe2 and leaning towards the vinci but have a question. Do they make a slug barrel for the vici? Thanks
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