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    Tom Knapp

    Benelli should not have let him get away.
  2. To me it comes down to if you shoot 3.5" or not. The Vinci is a better gun IMO. The design is truly incredible. If you ever need to break the Vinci down in the field, there are no caps, pins, or parts to lose. The inertia system is also located inn a spot that seems to balance the gun and lessen muzzle jump. I have never shot any gun that stays on target like the Vinci. To me, it is the ultimate shotgun on the market. I think the Vinci is worth the upgrade.
  3. Any decent gunsmith can do this and its not that expensive.
  4. I think I have tripled but is been a loooong time. I know I have never done it on three greenheads!!! No retriever, mine hurt his leg two seasons ago and is now retired. But the birds were easy to find. Two were dead in the decoys and the third about 30yds behind me. Fun hunt
  5. I got my first triple inn a long time this morning. I lit 4 mallards in the hole and tripled on all greenheads! the hen made it out. I love this gun!
  6. I'm shooting black cloud but Hevi Metal is a great load. My buddy shoots it amd its deadly.
  7. The supernova has the comfortech stock, larger trigger guard, and I think the stock can be removed. It is just an upgraded nova. However, the Nova is just as reliable and performance wise there isn't any difference. The supernova will have less recoil bc of the stock. I have had a Nova since the first year they came out. It was my primary duck, turkey, and dove gun for the last decade (or however old they are) it has thousands of rounds through it and has never had one single problem. The only issue was a gumped up firing pin bc I hadn't cleaned it in several years! I just retired k it
  8. I posted this on another board and I'm sure there have been plenty of talk aboutthe Vinci but I'm new here so thought I would post my opinion. I hope you find it helpful. Well, I went to buy a SBE2 or extrema 2 and ended up with a Vinci. After shouldering the Vinci I knew it was the gun I wanted. I like to have 3.5" capabilities but I was willing to give that up for a gun that felt better. So I have been into the birds pretty good lately and here is my take on the Vinci. Right off the bat it is the best shooting hunting gun I have ever shot. The gun is light, balanced, and points lik
  9. Both are awesome guns. The Vinci offers some advantages such as the way it breaks down, its lighter but not by much, and lastly shootability. If the gun fits you it points better IMO. Having said that, its hard to beat the SBE 2. If you don't care about 3.5" then I would take the Vinci (i did by a Vinci last week amd its the best gun I've ever shot) but you can't lose with either one.
  10. I have patterned many choke tubes out of my Nova. IMHO, the Briley Duck(light Modified) is the best for ducks. Mine likes Federal High Velocity 3.5" BB, 2, and 4 shot. As well as, Kent in the same shot sizes. Other chokes performed nearly as well but no better and cost much more.
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