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  1. hey i just bought my Nova about a month ago and i love it too same thing on finding accessories but i show my friends dads Nova with the mercury recoil reducer and its like shooting a whole different shotgun ha. im young and happen to think if it kicks harder than its cooler but if your looking for a soft kick id buy it ha
  2. is that one of those real short double barrels? cause that would be pretty neat ha. how much do those run? oh and sorry for your lose
  3. hey i remember you replying to one of my posts about you can set me up with a mag extension and a light for a good price for my nova 12 gauge...what was that price if you still have the stuff
  4. oh haha sounds expensive! and yeah me and my buddy went out last weekend and he took his bow ha and if they snuck up i got em with the slugs ha. were trying to think of more challenging ways to kills those damn things!
  5. haha well thanks for the info i need to make my decision soon so im not swingin a 26" barrel around a corner if someone breaks in. thanks a lot for all your imput
  6. i've look at all of those and the only thing i dont like about the Nova tactical is the rifle sights just looks kinda funky if you ask me. and the 590 and 870 both look and feel pretty solid but im kinda sketchy on buying a used gun just because im young and dont know all the steps i should/need to take in making sure everything is legal and im not gunna have cops down my throat if they stop me while im out shooting you know what i mean.
  7. yeah i agree too. i need to look around to find out which is gunna be the best HD shot gun for around 350 400 bucks. any ideas?
  8. actually sounds pretty good. ill look in to that...thanks and yeah you really cant have too many guns period ha
  9. ok yeah i wasnt sure how far you were supposed to strip it down thanks
  10. sorry im kinda new at all this. but what is UHMW? and yeah all they will see is a quick glimpse of a slug haha
  11. If a add a magazine extension would there be room to mount a tactical light on my Nova pump? cause as of right now the magazine cap is in the way ha. so i was thinking if i got it extended than it would free up some space? is that true?
  12. Does anyone know of a step by step video or just the steps to fully cleaning the Nova pump, like all through the trigger assembly and everything. i know the basic field strip and clean but i want to go a little more in depth. thanks
  13. you mean i can buy the barrel and have it cut down for 100 or buy the barrel for x amount and get it cut down for 100. cause i found a gunsmith around my house that will cut it down and thread it for chokes for 30 bucks.
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