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  1. good buy! man i wish i could sit on my porch all day and shoot pest's!Hope you enjoy your gun as much as i do mine.
  2. I have shot my gun last weekend and it didn't jam.I shot 2 boxes and if worked good.I still am not sure if it is fixed but if it is then I fixed it by opening up the magazine tube and runing my cleening rod through it with a cleaner on the end then oiling it a little.I hope this helps some one.
  3. I shot my nocva today and it worked fine.I shot 2 boxes without it acting up.I think I fixed it by cleaning the magazine tube.Thank you for your replys and votes
  4. Me along with some others are having problems with our novas and I was wondering if anyone is not having problems with there nova.Also if anyone has sent benelli there gun to have fixed have they done a good gob and how long did it take to get your gun back?all replys and votes are appriciated.
  5. my nova20 is jaming as well.This is really ticking me off.My gun is doing something different than yours but it sounds like benelli needs to smooth out some of the problems the nova's are having.I really like the feel and features of the nova but wonder if I should have gone with another brand.I think I'm going to do a pole to see who is and who isnt having problems with there nova.
  6. waterfowler1 what is hapening is that the shell is partly in the magazine tube and partly on the carrier so while I'm pumping twards my body I get a bit past half way and then it stops and wont allow me to pump any longer because it is not fully on the carrier and is being hung up in the magazine tube.I was told by a gun smith that I may need to experiment with different brand shells and see if that will help.He also said that the sprimg inside the magazine tube felt good.I cleaned out the magazine tube and made shure the spring was proper length after all this I cant tell if we helped at all but I will shoot some trap this weekend and see if the problem still hapens
  7. I am going to go turky hunting next spring and I was told by a friend that I should buy a diaphram call and start practicing.He then told me that it was extremely hard to learn how to use.Yesterday I bought a diaphram call and man was my friend right.I cant even get the slightest sound out of it.I would like any advice you have to help me out.Thank you for your time.(we really need to get more people in these different subjects other than benelli
  8. I am currious about going and shooting some kind of sporting clays but dont know wich one to do.There are so many different ones I get confused.Wich one would you recomend to a youth who is going to be mostly dove hunting but may do some qual and duck.Thank you for your time!
  9. I am having problems with my new nova 20 gauge.The shell sometimes is not fully feeding on to the carrier.I was using remington 2.5in shells.I looked at the trouble shooting section and did what it said to do but I dont think it did any good.Has any one had any similar problems?Another thing I was thinking is if it is only chambered in 2.75in and 3in shells and information will be greatly appriciated!
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