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  1. Luckily, not a Vikes or Packer fan being from NC. But I enjoy a good fight between you guys.
  2. I live south of the cities in Northfield. Thanks for the public lands info, I'll run up to Gander Mtn. and get a map. I did actually get my ND license for water fowl and sandhill crane. I hope to start getting a few places to try soon. Didn't get much opportunity last fall while planning on the move up.
  3. Just moved to Minnesota from NC and wandering if there are good public places to waterfowl hunt that are not jam packed with hunters every morning? Thanks
  4. I would have to say that I really like hunting Canada geese, but anything with a band on it is cool. Just got back from Lake Mattamuskeet, NC and a friend shot a banded Gadwall.
  5. I ended up cutting three rings off the spring, cleaned out the port again and it fired, Winchesters, Federals and Remingtons fine. I even pulled back on the pump action before firing and it is working. Maybe this will take care of it, I hope so. I'll find out tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the input.
  6. Thanks for the input, a buddy is having similar problems too. I'd have to say that I would expect better of Benelli. If I send me gun back now, I'm out of luck for the rest of the season. I am very frustrated everyone else shooting and me clicking away.
  7. I've had my Nova for three years, keep it clean. Recently it has been giving me alot of trouble. It seems that the firing pin is barely touching the primer. Leaving a small indentation and the shell will not go off. Other guys will put the same shell in their gun and it will shoot. To me it's a safety concern not to mention, I'm not getting shots off. Winchester, Federal and Remington shells, any ideas out there. I'm getting mad and ready to go to another brand.
  8. NC resident season opened on Sept 1and a buddy and I both got our limit. We set up in a cut corn field near a friends dairy farm on Saturday the 3rd and we later on limited out on doves in the afternooen. A good day
  9. MTDD07, I had a black lab named Maggie a few years back, great, sweet dog. I responded to your other post- I have a Chessie now. Yeah, we have thousands of resident geese-we can shoot 5 a day. So far on 3 hunts, my buds and I have knocked down 30 birds-any good gumbo recipes? As for training keep using Water Dog and don't let the dog get by with being bad, no need to beat her, just scold her and make her do it the right way next time.
  10. I've had Labs and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Both can do the job. Chessies tend to be a little hardier when it comes to cold weather. I now have a Chessie and I love her. Chessies can be hard headed though. Well, Labs too. Whatever you decide, buy from a reputable breeder. See the parents, get OFA or PennHip certification on hips and elbows. Spend time at the breeder's local, watch the dogs, generally the pups will end up like the parents. My personal preference, Chessies 1, Labs of any color 1b, goldens 3, Nova Scotia Tolling dogs 4.
  11. Consistancy is the key. Never let her get by with doing something wrong, especially if she knows how to do it. Just like birddog said, work her with birds or duck wings on on a dummy. You can by dummies and also add duck scent to them. Keep it positive and reinforce the good. I've used Water Dogs tactics on my Chesapeake and Labs. It works.
  12. My Nova seemed to do the same thing right after I bought it. The more I've shot it the less it seems to happen. The action was a little stiff until I ran a good number of shells through it. 3 1/2 shells seemed to give me the most trouble, I've had none of these occurances in about a year though. It may just be getting used to a new gun.
  13. Goosebuster, I didn't mention anything about Tom's shipping prices. I mentioned no discount for two if ordered from Easy Hit. I was trying to help out folks on the site. I didn't make a mistake go out there and look for yourself. Tom's two for $46 and Easy hit is two $36. Hunting beads are $22 or two for $36. I had no need to choose the shipping choice on Tom's site. Read the post again before you blurt out.
  14. It really depends on how much you shoot. You can certainly wear out components if you shoot alot. Barrels, firing pins and other parts. I really like my Nova and I don't see why it would last for many years with proper care.
  15. I just order two from Easy Hit's site. I got two for 36.00 and shipping was 4.00 also. Tom doesn't give you a discount for ordering more than one. Can't wait to try them out.
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