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  1. Hey Everyone! Dont know how many of you remember me, i aint been on here in a long long time.. Great Bucks Tucker!! I got my first deer ever on the opening day of gun season. 7 Point (Would of been an 8 but he had a broken tine) 18 inch spread, About 200 pounds dressed. I plan on doing a European Mount with him. Glad to see yall are havin great huntin seasons!
  2. Yep! Thats True.. I like them better because they have steel receivers... Even though they are heavier..I think the weight is well worth the durability...
  3. Yep... I do.. But i would like to own a Supernova... I love my Remingtons. I shoulda made my name RemingtonBoy like on a couple other forums. I like 870s.. Havent ever did nothin with a Benelli besides hold it and shoulder it (M1 Field). Im not sure why i put my name as BenelliBoy... If i could change it i would... But hey...
  4. I dont have a Benelli I do have 2 Remington Shotguns... Remington 870 Wingmaster LW Magnum 20 Gauge and a Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Combo..
  5. Sorry to hear that... That has to suck. Ohio has some great hunting... even on some public lands their is good hunting... but Ohio and Idaho are 2 different sides of the country... Once again sorry about your misfortune... I do hope you still get to go this spring. BenelliBoy
  6. I think Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote a song called... "Dont ask me stupid questions"...
  7. Ha... Thats a good one... I wasnt sure where it was going either. Once again... nice finding tucker...
  8. I am glad you went with the Jellyhead. I think you will love it... Let us know how it patterns. I would suggest 2 or 3 decoys. Either 2 hens and 1 jake. or 1 jake and one hen. Or sometimes just 1 hen is good enough... I usually place them any where from 15 to 25 yards away from my set up. Advice... Keep your head down on that stock! I would know. Because i missed two turkeys... A big nice tom and a jake because i didnt have my head on the stock. This was my 1st year turkey hunting when that happened.. Last year. my 3rd year... Was very succesful. I shot my first turkey.. a jake. 11 pounds, 5 3/4 inch beard. with little nubs for spurs... If your gun is double beaded.. Keep your head down on that stock... line the beads up. put it about mid to lower neck area... and let em have it.. If your gun is not double beaded i would recommend getting some tru glo or hi viz fiber optic sights. My 20 Gauge Wingmaster is single beaded and for turkey season i always have fiber optic sights on it. That away it makes me put my head on the stock... And last but not least... for my advice.. Have fun! Dont let a missed shot keep you out of the woods. Keep trying and never give up. I missed twice before i finally figured out that my first choke and load wasnt right... (i had a hastings 20 Gauge choke and was using federal copper plated shot) Then i bought the Jellyhead and lets just say my 3rd year of turkey hunting was good.. cause i Jellyheaded em! Good Luck This Spring, BenelliBoy
  9. If I Click Catolog Request will i get an 06 Catolog
  10. Super Nova Stuff and Other New Stuff for 06
  11. Yea.. I think it would make a superior turkey gun, and all around shotgun as well...
  12. http://www.primos.com/product_info.php?products_id=707 Jellyhead em!!!
  13. WOW!!! If Benelli Does Come Out With This here M2 I will be saving all my pennies for it.. If i get one i will get it in 26 inch. Timber HD. I hope they do come out with one!
  14. No Problem. Let me know how they pattern for you. I hope you will be happy with your results. Good Luck, BenelliBoy
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