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  1. One reply. Wow, this site is pretty disappointing ! Moving on to somewhere that can actually answer questions. Maybe Benelli should pay somebody !
  2. Golden BB

    Super 90

    Thanks tucker taking a stab! From looking around on the web I guess it is considered a field gun. It has wood stock and foreend. The only thing I noticed on the markings was the "Super 90" and "M1." It had the high-vis red bead. It shows signs of use, dings and dents in the stock and foreend. The bore was not pitted, but not shiny either. I assume these guns came with five choke tubes? I guess these are $20 each? How would I locate the manufacture date?
  3. Is this the right place to come to ask questions about Benelli shotguns? If so could someone answer my question about the Super 90?
  4. Golden BB

    Super 90

    What can you folks tell me about a 12 GA super 90? Would it make a good waterfowling gun? Is there anything to look out for in a used one? Is $610 without chokes a good price? TIA, Eric
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