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  1. Liberty--you are right but what happens with the bigger trigger guard is that when shooting--the recoil moves the shotgun enough to cause just a slight small cut between the trigger finge and middle finger and after a few rounds ya start to feel the irritation. I'ts just a small sharp place on some of the trigger guards on probably just a few guns from factory and mine was one of them. I get so excited every time I go hunting I always forget to take a bandaid or gel pad or whatever--so the quick and permanent fix for me was to file-er down! No more problem.
  2. There is one other thing ya can do and it is what I did--that is to take a small round file to the sharp edge on the trigger guard. This has solved the problem for me. I know some would not want to do that to their gun but this shotgun is going to see a lot of tuff wear and tear for many seasons and will surely get a scratch or two. It's a tuff shotgun anyways. Did'nt buy it for looks--hehehe.
  3. I use the Wad-Wizard as it does not loosen while huntig like the patternmaster. (However I have heard that PM has fixed that problem.) I have patterned the crio and of course the wad-wizard along with patternmaster. The PM is built on the same principle as the WW as they are both wad retarding tubes. I have found that with my gun the ww and pm pattern about the same as the factory chokes but the pattern with the ww and the pm was more dense with less open spots on the pattern board. I use the ww for waterfowl every year with outstanding results. What I have noticed while hunting is that I se
  4. I took a file to my sbe2 as there was a sharp place where the stock fit to the action. The shim stuck out just enough to scape the skin off between my middle and trigger finger. I just smoothed up that area and no more problems.
  5. I hear that the duckcommander team will be shooting benelli shotguns! I hope this is true as I can't say enough good things about these guys with thier knowledge about duck hunting and their beliefs.
  6. zoopman


    Yes the patternmaster will loosen--that is another reason I switched to the wad wizard as they seem to stay snug when hunting.
  7. I just went out and shot the pattern board along with some clays. I look at the breake-in thing like breaking in a new auto engine--just shoot the the dang thing and have some fun!!! I got to say I sure am enjoying this new benelli--shoots great without any problems!
  8. zoopman


    The cri-chokes performed very good in my sbe2--however so did the wad wizard supreme (which by the way is built on the same principle as the patternmaster). The wad wizard in my opinion is far superior to the pm tube. The biggest reason I like the wadwizard is for the shorter shot strings--(more shot on target all at once)! You will have to pattern your shotgun of course as all shotguns even the same make could give you different results. The wadwizard is guaranteed--if you don't like it you can return it. You can call them for more info--talk to Lori. Hope some of this helps.
  9. I bought a wadwizard supreme for my benelli to be used for waterfowl. I would not hesitate to use it on turkeys as it will produce tight, dense patterns in my gun. I will say that the wadwizard is actually a wad retarder more than a conventional choke tube. They also make a conventional choke tube called the "Terror" which looks like it would work well for turkeys also. Check out there web sight as all there stuff is guarenteed. Just type in wadwizard and use your search engine.
  10. zoopman

    Other shotguns

    Just curious to know what other shotguns did you own (or still own) before you upgraded to benelli?
  11. I use a Wadwizard for waterfowl with outstanding results. They also have a new terror choke tube for turkey. They have a web site--wadwizard.com--check this out as all their tubes are guaranteed
  12. Bought my first benelli--very excited to give it a try! Question: are there any solvents that could harm a chromium lined barrel when cleaning? I have been using hoppe's and shooters choice on my other guns so I thought I would use these solvents on my new benelli when needed.
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