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  1. Would like to know if anybody has ever had a problem WITH a SBE II cycling, if I shoot at 90° it cycles good if I raise my gun at a 45 or more angle the first shot goes off the second one can't come up because the injected shell gets stuck in the breach as it is coming out. I have thoroughly cleaned this gun numerous times and it still gives me the same problem. Primarily it doesn't a lot more in the frigid weather. I was told by a fellow I met on A snow goose hunt that he had a similar problem his gunsmith cleaned the gun and also stretched the spring. Has anybody ever heard of this before?
  2. Why are you shooting 3 1/2 inch shells when you can get the same speed and knocked down power with a 3 inch. The only difference is a few less BBs in a shell. If you compare the two with the same speed velocity give-and-take a few feet per second. You will actually get a better pattern with the 3 inch then the 3 1/2 inch. I shoot black cloud 3 inch with pattern Master choke for black cloud at 40 yards with 3 inch shells I get a perfect 30 inch circle, if I use this same shell and shoot with the 3 1/2 at 40 yards I get a sporadic pattern. The trade-off is a few less BBs, cheaper to buy and my s
  3. Have The Sbeii Love The Gun But Hate The New Trigger In It Wish It Had Old Style.
  4. Go Online To Roger Sporting 164.00 Case Black Cloud
  5. craig don't you have too have your gun drill and tap for the mount. all i have is a vented rib on sbll
  6. i was looking at the red dot scope, it looks great but how do you mount it on sbe-ll; is there a mounting bracket i can get
  7. looking to hunt deer this year in the state of kansas. have a guide in mind paradise adventure has anyone ever hunted with them? if so please give me the heads up' thanks
  8. try that didn't work. part of my problem is i have a bad right hand. so i don;t have a real good grip on the stock. it is wider than the reg wooden ones so i realy don't get a good grip. going to shoot 3'' federal bb next year should be a little less recoil with same nock down thanks
  9. going to try that. i just wish i could this gun with the old trigger guard. love the gun **** on geese thanks
  10. must be guns new trigger guard design. only gun i have trouble with
  11. have sbe ll. ever time i shoot 3 1/2 loads mainly. my right middle finger slam in to the trigger guard and by the end of the day my hand is just so full of blood it take two days to rest it to go shooting again.has any one had this problem. if so please contac me if you have answer to my problem
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