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  1. Hey Everyone! Dont know how many of you remember me, i aint been on here in a long long time.. Great Bucks Tucker!! I got my first deer ever on the opening day of gun season. 7 Point (Would of been an 8 but he had a broken tine) 18 inch spread, About 200 pounds dressed. I plan on doing a European Mount with him. Glad to see yall are havin great huntin seasons!
  2. Yep! Thats True.. I like them better because they have steel receivers... Even though they are heavier..I think the weight is well worth the durability...
  3. Yep... I do.. But i would like to own a Supernova... I love my Remingtons. I shoulda made my name RemingtonBoy like on a couple other forums. I like 870s.. Havent ever did nothin with a Benelli besides hold it and shoulder it (M1 Field). Im not sure why i put my name as BenelliBoy... If i could change it i would... But hey...
  4. I dont have a Benelli I do have 2 Remington Shotguns... Remington 870 Wingmaster LW Magnum 20 Gauge and a Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Combo..
  5. Sorry to hear that... That has to suck. Ohio has some great hunting... even on some public lands their is good hunting... but Ohio and Idaho are 2 different sides of the country... Once again sorry about your misfortune... I do hope you still get to go this spring. BenelliBoy
  6. I think Lynyrd Skynyrd wrote a song called... "Dont ask me stupid questions"...
  7. Ha... Thats a good one... I wasnt sure where it was going either. Once again... nice finding tucker...
  8. I am glad you went with the Jellyhead. I think you will love it... Let us know how it patterns. I would suggest 2 or 3 decoys. Either 2 hens and 1 jake. or 1 jake and one hen. Or sometimes just 1 hen is good enough... I usually place them any where from 15 to 25 yards away from my set up. Advice... Keep your head down on that stock! I would know. Because i missed two turkeys... A big nice tom and a jake because i didnt have my head on the stock. This was my 1st year turkey hunting when that happened.. Last year. my 3rd year... Was very succesful. I shot my first turkey.. a jake. 11 pounds, 5 3
  9. If I Click Catolog Request will i get an 06 Catolog
  10. Super Nova Stuff and Other New Stuff for 06
  11. Yea.. I think it would make a superior turkey gun, and all around shotgun as well...
  12. http://www.primos.com/product_info.php?products_id=707 Jellyhead em!!!
  13. WOW!!! If Benelli Does Come Out With This here M2 I will be saving all my pennies for it.. If i get one i will get it in 26 inch. Timber HD. I hope they do come out with one!
  14. No Problem. Let me know how they pattern for you. I hope you will be happy with your results. Good Luck, BenelliBoy
  15. Yea I would Suggest the Primos Jellyhead for Hevi Shot. I Have one in my 20 Gauge 870 and i love it. I am buying one for my 12 Gauge 870 soon.
  16. This also angers me... alot... Very Well said MattMaus2010. These kind of hunters give us a bad name and make hunting sound like somthing bad... Idiots...People do assanine things like this and it really angers me!
  17. If you have a Jellyhead.. I would buy some of Remingtons Hevi Shot... or some Hevi 13... and run through it. It should pattern preatty good. If not then i dont know what else to tell you other than try nitros... But they are expensive... 117 dollars for a box of 25. Its outragous. I dont have a M1. But my Uncle does and his loves Hevi Shot... Im not sure which choke he has in his. But If I were you i would try Hevi Shot through that jellyhead... and forget about the nitros.. unless you have a high paying sallery.
  18. O yea and another question for mudhen.. If I click on Catolog request and fill er out.. will i get the 05 or the 06?? do u know? if not its ok... Just wonderin...
  19. Hm.. Interesting look to it.. I just may have to add a 3rd shotgun to my collection.. within the next few years.. Not right now though. If I do buy one of these SuperNovas it'll either be the Comfortech Super Nova 12 Gauge in Timber HD or the SteadyGrip Timber HD one. Mudhen do you know if they have the crio barrel and chokes by any chance? Later, BenelliBoy
  20. I do agree with Tucker. The 870s are awsome shotguns. I have 2 of them. A Remington 870 Wingmaster LW Magnum 20 Gauge, and a Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Combo with 26 inch vent rib barrel and a 20 inch fully rifled deer barrel. I really like both of my 870s. I made a decision whether to save for the new SuperNova or Buy my Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Combo... I made this decision to buy the Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Combo right before new year of 06. I love them 870s... and Remingtons for that matter. Later, BenelliBoy
  21. Yup Impressive Shooters... And guns... But i do believe that it was 12 Clays...Just making correction.. Please dont take into offense. Thanks, BenelliBoy
  22. BenelliBoy

    Slug Gun

    If you are looking for a pump.. Like 420W said... I would too go with the Remington 870s... You can get a Combo with the 26 inch field barrel and a 20 inch deer barrel for around 350 dollars. I got one just before new years, actually the exat gun i mentioned in 12 Gauge. Great Gun for the money. If you are looking for a semi auto pure slug gun. I would recommend you taking a look at Benellis Slug Guns on there homepage. If you are looking for a Gun and Buying a Slug Barrel as an accessorie.. I would not go with the Benelli Semi Autos... Good Guns.. But I heard Barrels cost an arm and a leg. If
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