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  1. ATX512

    Tactical stocks

    I found a complete Supernova tactical with the tactical stock on a New Zealand website called Gun City! It's the complete system, yet their site didn't say anything about stocks or accessories for the Supernova. The search continues, let me know if you all here of anything. Thanks again.
  2. ATX512

    Tactical stocks

    OH BABY! That is what I want! That is exactly what I am looking for! That would make my Christmas come early! If anyone comes up with any leads PLEASE let me know!
  3. ATX512

    Tactical stocks

    Thanks for responding to my post. I have been having a **** of a time with this thing. I went to clean it today and I can't drop the trigger mechanism cause of the damn one piece pistol grip stock! The frigg'n trigger housing is pressed up against the pistol grip so hard I can't even remove the damn mechanism from the gun! Arg!
  4. ATX512

    Tactical stocks

    I just bought a Benelli Super Nova, I love the look and feel of the gun, it's design is what attracted me to it. It's dead on accurate yet it does kick like a mule a bit, and I think I found the reason why that is. The biggest complaint I have is that when I purchased the gun I think I made the mistake of purchasing it with the pistol grip tactical stock, at the time, I felt that it suited my needs, yet looking back I feel as if I've been had by a fast talking salesman. I think my arms are a bit to short for this stock, as the gun does not fit me comfortably like it should, it just doesn't feel right at all. In a shouldering shooting position, in order to rack the slide, I have to flex my arm straight out, and then flex it all the way in, and then flex out all the way again, and in a rapid fire situation I find the stock impeding my ability to empty the gun effectively because it's over working my left arm in an uncomfortable snaping motion, combine that over extended jerking action with the recoil and it causes the stock to bounce and jack hammer back into my shoulder, bruising the **** out of my right upper arm. Because of this, I tire of the Supernova quickly on the range and become disappointed with the performance as I understand a firearm should be ergonomically fluid and adjustable to the shooter. The Benelli SuperNova is not ergonomically fluid to the length of my left arm to the pit of my right shoulder, it feels like it's to damn long, and the stock cannot be shortened or adjusted. It's more like punching a time clock than a walk in the park. I've watched some videos on the net and nobody else seems to have this problem, so my next guess is that the gun is just to long for me. The Benelli Supernova is not a one size fits all shotgun when fitted with the tactical stock... And I'm starting to have regrets I didn't get that Remington 870 I was eye balling. After reviewing the Remington 870, and the Mossberg 500/590, and the adjustable accessories available for those guns, and how they can be custom fitted to the shooter. I don't feel I got the gun I was looking for in the Supernova. Though I am not knocking Benelli, it's a great shotgun. But I wish it was more versatile and offered more adjustable options, like an adjustable or telescopic stock so it could be sized for various users, like me. Does anyone have any recommendations before I wind up having to take a hack saw to the stock? Are their any shorter or adjustable stocks available for the Supernova or am I just screwed with what I got? I would appreciate any advice to find an alternative solution to my problem.
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