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  1. Hi,If anyone has any HK/Benelli marked snap caps for sale, please email me at gmthecoolguyAThotmail.com, replace AT with the @ symbol, thanks!
  2. Anyone have any extra of the practice shotgun shells for sale? Email me [email protected] Take out the NOSPAM Thanks!
  3. I know they are hard to find, but does any know a source for the M4 collapsable stock?
  4. So I know the M4 has a picatanny rail system, and I was thinking about mounting a Trijicon Reflex sight on it, has any one used the combo together? Is it completely unecessary? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  5. LOL, you caught me, YUP I live over at HK Pro, but I have been looking for a Hk 512 for a few months now and cant find one, and then I kept reading the reviews on the M4...so I went with it!
  6. Newbie here... I am sold, just ordered one, thats why I joined this forum, glad to see all the great reviews!
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