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  1. I can't stand too much in the much of clutter in my sight picture, anything more than something like a Garand or M14 style rear sight and I do not want. Anyways apparently Benelli did offer a wingless ghost ring at one time, I doubt it fits on any of their more recent guns though. http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/sights/sight-parts/rear-sight-parts/sight-assembly-pre-1997-ghost-ring-sku301000167-6312-15439.aspx
  2. Thanks for that, I was aware of that particular item though. I misunderstood and thought that LPA might have made a sight base without wings, something along the lines of the Wilson Trak-Lock. That'd be money.
  3. Can I see a picture? Never heard of a LPA ghost ring without the silly wings before
  4. I didn't know they made such a thing, where did you get it?
  5. Lube it maybe? Parkerizing turns a dusty light gray color when it's devoid of oil or grease.
  6. Well I still haven't gotten my insurance situation settled yet so I'm still waiting on that, but I did get a chance to put some rounds through an M4 today. I have to say that's one slick and refined piece of machinery! The sights, the controls, the telestock, everything worked great for me, I liked the fact that the action took the edge off the recoil but didn't feel "uncoupled", spongey and distracting like some gas autoloader designs can when they cycle. The only thing i didn't like, which I didn't notice when handling one previously, is that it seems surprisingly muzzle heavy for
  7. I've never been a fan of ghost rings, the M4 is about the only shotgun I'd even consider with them because of the way the gun fit me, and then only when the telestock was in the intermediate position. Anyway thanks all for the replies and I'll be making my decision between the M4 and another nice shotgun within the next few weeks pending some insurance hassles.
  8. Hmmm, I get the impression that the M4 is great for aimed fire but how about point shooting? I've handled one in the store and it seemed alright but unfortunately I can't really try before I buy. That's the biggest concern to me actually, high speed point shooting with buck is most of a defensive shotgun's reason for being IMO and something it should be able to do well, all the rest is gravy.
  9. Sounds good so far, the expense bothers me a bit, not that I can't afford it but because I could buy 2 decent guns for that much, then again this thing looks like it could handle their roles pretty well and my gun storage space is rather limited. Anyway hows the recoil? It appears to me it kicks a little harder than most gas guns. I'm not exactly bothered by recoil but a reasonable level of recoil damping compared to a pump would be a nice bonus.
  10. All right, what do guys like about your M4s and why would you recommended them? How do they compare to the other tactical type semiautos out there? I've handled a few in gun shops and liked the setup a lot more than I thought I would but I'm not sure if I want to drop the bucks for one. I'm in Canada right now so 922r or most "assault weapons" related regulations beyond a 5 round magazine restriction don't apply nor are collapsable stocks hard to find {If anything it seems to hard to find the other kinds}. OTOH, they {and just about every other gun} cost a lot more here, $2100 CDN
  11. One thing I rarely see mentioned is sight setup; the M2 has the option of ghost ring, open, bead {in non tactical form} and optic while the M4 is limited to ghost ring and optic sights only.
  12. Hi all, my first post! Anyways I'm wondering if anyone believes the M2 will be replaced across the board by the Vinci in the near future? I'm considering an M2T in the near future but I don't want to end up with something that has only been in production a few years and might be discontinued. I'd don't suppose the M4 will go out of production anytime soon but I'd prefer an M2 style gun for a bunch of reasons.
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