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  1. I am considering buying extended choke tubes for my SBE2. (they are easy to install and un-install using just fingers). Benelli itself recommended Trulock chokes. But Trulock is very expensive. For example, the MSRM of Trulock Super Waterfowl choke is $131.99 !!! That is kind of too much. Today I found Carlson's is also making extended crio choke tubes for Benelli SBE2 and M2. The look like the same as Trulock, but with much cheaper price (less than $40 for each). http://www.choketube.com/crio-plus.html I am interested in buying an extended range 12GA crio super steel chok
  2. I just reviewed Benelli's advertisement DVD again, and found that Benelli officially said they use gas piston instead of ID in M4 because gas piston is more reliable for a shotgun hanging a lot of accessories. The ID system could be compromised by heavy accessories.
  3. The reoil energy does not equal to the recoil force. The latter one could be very much modified by different gun design.
  4. What is the difference between Vinci and M2?
  5. Well, no quarrel here, please. We are just talking about guns. Not a big deal, and no need to quarrel. I have 2 questions: Why M2 is only good for buckshots, even full load buckshots only? Why? Does M2 tactical and M2 field and SBE use the same ID system? M2 field and SBE can operate #7-1/2 and #8 shots and even target load, why M2 tactical or M1 super 90 cannot? What is the difference between them? Another question is about M4. M4 uses a doulbe piston system. Why double piston? In my understanding, doulbe piston could improve reliability, but could M4 operate well when 1 piston
  6. Is it so sensitive to the weight? Besides, what does heavier loads mean? For home defense, usually, you are using 2-3/4" 0/00 buckshot. You would not use anything like 7-1/2 or #8 target load. Do you mean your gun have regular cycling problems when using the buckshots?
  7. I just used magnet to test SBEII. The barrel and upper receiver is surely made of steel. And the lower receiver is not. So I assume that is made of aluminum.
  8. Excuse me, what is the "loads for which they are not designed"? What loads are designed to be used in M2? And what kind of loads that M2 cannot handle?
  9. OK, that is the point. Maybe M4 uses heavier receiver or use steel to substitute alluminum? But does it mean that M2 tactical is not strong enough? If it is strong enough, why bother to build a thicker receiver? If M2 is not strong enough......... that is another issue. But I remember M2's predecessor, M1 super 90, was used by police and been given high credit for its durability and liability. Then why should M2 be worse?
  10. I have seen the video long ago. A gun with a recoil that could not be handled by anybody, is a total failure. It is a failure design, if the designer did not to do it on purpose to make jokes.
  11. You can also ask: What kind of girlyman finds the M2 "heavy-recoil"? It is not about the weight that people cannot carry. It is just like your preference. Like me, I like light guns, and do not care much about recoil. I can shoot 100rds 300WinMag through my less than 7 pound Tikka T3 Lite.
  12. Well, that is why I hate people advertising their products as made from alloy. What alloy? What is the main metal element in the alloy? To me, the word "alloy" is just an advertising word which catches eyeballs but loses meanings or definition.
  13. I am thinking of getting a HD semi-auto shotgun. M4 seems cool. But what is the difference between M4 and M2 tactical? I mean functional difference, not the structure, because I know that M4 uses gas piston and M2 uses ID system. More specifically, what is the advantage of M4 over M2 tactical? M2 is simpler and easier for maintainance. M2 is cleaner. Without a gas piston, M2 is more like a malfunction free gun. Besides, M2 is much lighter. So, I just do not understand why M4 over M2?
  14. Sure? I am asking this because I am thinking why Benelli Ultra Light is so light. I thought maybe it uses aluminum instead of steel as receiver metal. If all Benelli shotgun uses aluminum receiver, why Ultra light is so light? Is it because Ultra Light's receiver is made of thinner aluminum?
  15. No, Inertia Driven (ID) is not a blow-back system. A blow-back system does not really lock the bolt solid, but ID does. About how ID works without gas system, you may go to BenelliUSA to find why.
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