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  1. +1 type of stock will determine mount and best optic.
  2. M4 is the cadillac of shotguns. Has some one been listening to me? I've been saying that for years.It really is the best of the best.
  3. Awesome set up. I would love to buy the case.lol This is a very nice setup for someone who wants all the factory accesories. Too bad to see u parting with it I believe you will regret it as these accesories are getting harder and harder to find.
  4. You can install in on an SNT. Here is the mount I have.Other than a collapsable stock this is my favorite mod. Great for Home defense.Enjoy! http://sgcusa.com/Optics/Sights/Lasers-LaserLyte/c19_183/p2704/LaserLyte-Shotgun-Mount/product_info.html
  5. I have a Tlr-2 Light laser combo on my M4 and love it.
  6. I have also heard that 11707 do not have the 4 port barrel as well.
  7. If you can not find one from a fellow forum member I have heard other members say they have bought their standard M4 stock from gunbroker.com
  8. M4 is the Best Benelli ever Made. Use her like you stole her.
  9. If you are flexible on the price of the case Pm me. Thx.
  10. I new someone would snatch up this oem extension quickly. They are getting harder and harder to find.
  11. sneakerfreak602


    Are you gonna let me know an asking price or are we just fishin for offers?
  12. I think Tucker301 makes some pretty good points. When ordering a gun from a dealer who does not have it in stock there should be a clear deadline for delivery or refund. Also are they a dealer who normally stocks Benelli shotguns because they would be a priorty order over a non stocking dealer. I would recommend you approach the gunstore about what options ie refund or lose deposit to try and put some pressure on them. If you can get your money back try an online service such as Gunbroker.com and use a dealer who has one in stock with good feedback. Corbon try your local Cabela's for i
  13. sneakerfreak602


    benelli must be paying their marketing team time and one half for this one. Can't see any practical home defense benefits of the Vinci versus and M4. just my 2 cents but I'm sure it will be in demand
  14. sneakerfreak602


    Thats quite alot. I have seen new M3's for about 1100 to 1200 in store. Due to M3t being a folding stock maybe a 200-300 premium over a regular M3. Just keep in mind a new M4 is 1399 at Cabelas. A ftf is face to face transaction meaning where are u located?
  15. I prefer the original, but thats just me. 500 is not a good deal you should be able to find one for 250-350 on gunbroker. Just keep looking.
  16. sneakerfreak602


    Depends on condition. I would post us some pics. I dont believe there is really much of a market for M3T with the M4 being available. Depending on where you are located I might be interested in a ftf transaction. What are you looking to get for it?
  17. I know you will love the fit and finsh of the OEM. Give us a range report after installation.
  18. Good to hear Greg. I know you will love the fit and finsh of the OEM. Give us a range report after installation.
  19. I agree the M4 is here to stay. I have owned an M1 and M3 and shot an M2 tactical and still prefer the M4. Heck I doubt the USMC will be replacing their M4's with the Vinci.
  20. All you have to dos is remove the dummy stock ext use a pair of snap pliers to remove the spring stop. Be careful not to bend the spring. Screw on new plus 2 ext replace spring in tube then put spring stop in at end of new extension. Hope this helps.
  21. No worries. Can you swap out the pistol grip for a regular stock and still use the ext in your state. Just an idea. best of luck.
  22. I am not fan when the oils absorb into the foam so I will look at the closed cell foam. I thought about getting the convultated egg type foam becauese I frequently change my stocks. Will that foam obsorb oil worse than the closed cell foam? It wasnt too hard to cut? Thanks again.
  23. Is it a stock full length tube or a +2 extension? I should be able to get my hands on an extra extension pssibly an extra tube or possible trade for some stock piece off my 11707. Do you have any pics?
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