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  1. when was the last time anyone heard of a 922 arrest and or prosecution?...how would an overzealous ATF agent LEGALLY inspect your firearm unless they had a warrant? Unless you live in NYC (where the NYPD has and/is currently inspecting firearm's for NYC compliance) and own a registered Benelli M4 isn't this like talking about all the money you could've made if you got long the market 6 months ago?
  2. thanks - the snap ring pliers were key - spring was tougher to control than i thought, but at least i know now - swapped it out and loaded 7 shells - last one required a little extra force but it went - now i have an excuse to hit the range this weekend!
  3. prob seems like a lame question but i wanna make sure i don't miss anything - did do a search to see if it's been posted before but i didn't see it - thanks
  4. 1911top

    New Member

    buy it from a place that has them in stock (shootersjax in FL usually has them - ask for internet Mike - u can google it) and have them ship it to the FFL in NV...maybe i'm missing something but that's what i would try...only prob i can think of is that a NV FFL may not sell to a CA resident? - someone else can prob answer that one...
  5. a ton for sale on GB - i remembered u said it's one of your favs - thinking about buying some myself bec. where i live i have a cold chance in **** of ever finding this stuff for sale!
  6. yep that's it - u can't tell i'm a newbie can u? anyhow thot i read in another forum someplace that it's low recoil - thx for the reply
  7. quick question - anyone fired federal le 127 00 with the M4? - was thinking about buying some, then saw this post and figured i'd better ask first bec i think that load is technically light reoil...
  8. not to be a broken record but i had same/similar problem - hammer was in the way - easiest way i thot was to remove trigger group, then insert bolt carrier to proper position
  9. can the M4 11707 with the standard choke fire slugs?
  10. I don't know if anyone has checked GB lately, but an oem +2 mag extender sold for $800+ last night! - i guess one could make the argument if you're trying to do a mod with all original factory parts etc. that the price is justified because there aren't that many around and that's what they go for...but when it comes to functionality, after market mag extenders work just as well right? I think i know the answer, but when i see something like that auction i just wanna make sure i'm not missing something
  11. does the bolt group have to be removed before i remove the trigger group - or can i just remove the trigger group on it's own? thx
  12. 1911top

    M4 assembly

    just got it - had to exert a fair amount of force back on the hammer while keeping the link lined up - trickier than it sounds in the instructions - especially your first time i guess...
  13. 1911top

    M4 assembly

    assembling an M4 - trying to "insert the bolt assembly in it's guide on the receiver" - don't see a guide - hammer seems to be in the way - i know this a newbie question to many out there, but i'm having trouble...thanks
  14. OK - that's good to hear - I thought it was a little strange but I guess it's par for the course - no harm done! thx
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