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  1. Need some advice! Just received by mail order, my new Urban ERT sling and with it got the push button swivel mount which attaches to the pistol grip of a collapsible stock. I apparently did not do my research well! The collapsible stock pistol grip has a pre-drilled small hole which appears to be "meant for a sling mount". Unfortunately, the Mesa Tactical push button swivel is significantly larger in diameter than the hole pre-drilled by Benelli. Now that I'm reading more, I find that Mesa Tactical does mention in the product description of it's swivel mount the "some drilling may be required". DRILLING! NOT SURE I WANT TO DO THAT TO A COMPONENT OF MY GUN THAT IS IN SIGNIFICANT DEMAND AND COMMANDS $700 to $800! Now, the push button swivel is very cool... very convenient. But... 1. Would you drill out an $800 pistol grip for fear of decreasing it's potential resale value? (although not really thinking of selling it... still like the option to think it's still valuable!) 2. If you would drill it out to accommodate the push button sling swivel, what kind of drill bit goes through synthetic material/plastic? Is there metal deeper in the "hole" that I might need a special bit? Would you just take the gun to a gunsmith to get it done "right"? Or is this an easy fitting to make? Thanks for input!
  2. New_Texan

    M4/M2 sling

    Thanks for the Urbanertsling suggestion. I did fire them off an email. I failed to mention in my earlier post that my M4 is outfitted with a collapsible stock. Are there any other special considerations for collapsible stocks?
  3. New_Texan

    M4/M2 sling

    I'm looking for a sling for an M4 as well. What are the considerations for purchasing a sling? 1 vs. 2 vs. 3 point slings, what is important to understand about each? What other brands/models of sling did you consider? Which one is the best and why? Thanks! New to shotguns! Talk to me like a Newbie!
  4. New_Texan

    M4 Slugs

    I've shot my M4 twice. First time was birdshot. Then last weekend shot buckshot and slugs. When cleaning it after birdshot, the inside of the barrel was still shiny and mirror-like (just as it was brand new). But after cleaning after buck and slugs, the inside of the barrel looks like it has linear "scratches" for the first 5-8 inches near the breech end of the barrel(not like a mirror anymore). Am I not cleaning it well enough? Did I damage the barrel from slugs? Or is this normal wear-and-tear and nothing to be worried about?
  5. New_Texan

    M4 and Slugs

    Is the "stock" choke the M4 comes with new a "modified" or "cylinder"? Or are these terms interchangeable?
  6. New_Texan

    M4 and Slugs

    I recently purchased an M4. I've only shot it once with some birdshot as buckshot and slugs were on backorder! I'm wondering, is there any limitations to shooting slugs out of the M4? Is using the choke sold with the gun alright to use? Does it make a difference if the slugs are rifled or not? Thanks for taking the time to answer these newbie questions!
  7. Thanks! Your "practice" sounds very reasonable. I will get a 12 gauge brush and use the Benelli oil it came with.
  8. New_Texan

    Cleaning an M4

    Forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere... I've never cleaned a gun... and I haven't cleaned my new M4 yet. (I shot it over the weekend, your suppose to clean after each use, correct?). My wife has a 9mm Sig pistol that her dad bought for her to go to college with. She "kinda knows" how to clean a pistol, although she hasn't shot her pistol in a few years! She has a "rifle" cleaning kit with push rods, pads and a brass looking brush as well as 3 cleaning solutions (one of which is oil.. the others are detergents?). She apparently needed to clean her pistol, went to the local store, but all they had was this particular kit... they said it was basically the same kit that you'd buy for a pistol (other than the long push rods). So... here's my question... can I use this stuff? The brass brush seems to narrow in diameter as it does not touch all surfaces of the barrel (if I were to push it through the barrel, which I have not done!). Do I need a new brass brush to "fit" my M4? Also, do I need to just lube with the Benelli oil that came with the gun or can I use this other stuff too?
  9. Yeah, by "jiggly" I meant "slight play from side to side". And no, I didn't notice any "jiggliness/play" when shooting. So, my gun is "normal" then?! That's good news...
  10. I shot it! I was awesome! Little sore in the shoulder today... but TOTALLY worth it!
  11. I'm wanting to purchase a gun case for my M4. Was looking at the "Tactical Case" from Benelli. Anyone have one of these? Are the Benelli cases of good quality? Or are they overpriced for what you get? Any other recommendations for cases? I kind of like the idea of a "matching" Benelli case! Also, does anyone have a current "coupon code" which will save me some $$$?
  12. Hey, thanks for everyone's attempt to help me! I solved the problem! (Don't laugh, I'm sure it's a novice mistake!). After [email protected] all evening after my initial post, my wife thought she'd try to help me out! So, the next day, after I was away at work, she reads the User's Manual and field strips the gun. I came home and she greeted me with, "I tried fixing your shotgun, but I couldn't figure it out either!" I look on the kitchen table and see my precious new firearm in more pieces than I had even stripped down to initially!! Anyway, I started to assemble it back together again and quickly realized the problem! The lug which rests in the grove behind the bolt head (the one which guides the bolt's rotational action) was flipped over! I had initially re-stalled it "upside down" which caused it to protrude above the level of the bolt. This caused the barrel to "hang up" as I tried to install the barrel extension past the bolt. Once I flipped this little lug around to proper orientation, the barrel seated properly. Thanks Wife! BTW, I hope that my many repetitions of trying to past the barrel extension past the "guiding lug" on the bolt didn't damage the bolt assemble or it's action. I don't this it did, but I tried many times with varying amounts of pressure to try to get the barrel seated. Anything to look out for? Everything "moves" fine?!
  13. New_Texan

    M4 Pricing

    I bought my M4 at a gun show in Mesquite, TX last weekend. It is a model with a telescoping stock. There was another M4 available with a regular stock/pistol grip. Telescoping (mine) was $1999 and the Regular was $1799. Unlike many items at gun shows, the price did not come down with negotiation. The dealer felt that $1999 was a great price for a relatively rare gun... I wasn't going to argue... I paid full price. I'm sure 6 months ago I could have got this shottie for a few hundred cheaper... (thanks again Obama.... NOT!)
  14. Just reading this thread.... I just bought an M4 and shot it for the first time today! What is your complaint about the M4 rail? I'm new to guns/shotguns... What do you mean by "Mount anodizing that was starting to push"?
  15. I just bought this new M4 with telescoping stock and shot it for the first time today--!! The stock is a little jiggly--is that normal? If not, how do I tighten it?
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