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  1. Not mine and I do not know the seller: http://www.sturmgewehr.com/webBBS/nfa4sale.cgi?read=127228 "Have several 14” Benelli M1S90 with ghost rings. All in very good condition. $625 each plus shipping. On a form 3 ready to ship to your dealer. TMK ARMS 920-497-8478"
  2. I sent you an email --- as soon as I get confirmation via a reply email that its a done deal, I'll take that stock out of this package and adjust the price.
  3. Comfortech stock that used to be pictured here has sold separately ... M2 now comes with pisto grip stock as shown in photos - price has been adjusted.
  4. Looking for a little extra cash for a trip - tossing this Benelli M2 Tactical on the chopping block. Excellent to Like New condition M2 Tactical: - Faxtory Benelli pistol grip stock. - Standard factory mag tube and TacStar 8 shot extended tube (both included). - TacStar side saddle with built in receiver-top rail. - Yankee Hill spacer rail for optics which allows use of ghost ring sights underneath. - Buttstock shell carrier (10 rounds) with cheek pad. - mag tube clamp (Nordic) with rail and front sling point adapter. - Rear sling point adapter. - Savvy Sniper 1\2
  5. auglaze

    M4/M2 sling

    I already use a Savvy Sniper 1\2 SAW sling (hands-down best sling out there IMHO) for my patrol rifle. I purchased the Benelli adapter from Urban ERT and can keep the sling on me and do a quick transition from rifle to shotgun:
  6. auglaze

    M4/M2 sling

    Anyone have experience with this sling - http://www.urbanertslings.com/bem4urhyslki.html ???
  7. I have this M2: It's not the field model ... tactical model with ghost ring sights. It doesn't have a 21" bbl ... 18.5". It does have the Comfortech stock and a couple other add-ons (ext mag tube, side saddle with rail, mag tube clamp and charging handle). Also has the pistol grip stock. Shoot me an email or PM if you want to discuss.
  8. $110 shipped ---- http://www.sturmgewehr.com/webBBS/parts.cgi?read=267514 just in case skeeter's isn't available - check with him first.
  9. May have to go that route. Ideally I would like to find just the barrel. That way I could sell my 18.5" barrel and pistol grip stock to someone who may want to convert their "field" variant into a "tactical" type. I am LEO, so I may have to just go through my agency ... but I want this for a personally owned weapon, not department owned. The one Cody linked is OK, but I'd like to get the tactical front sight version - that guy had one, but I missed out on buying it.
  10. Does anyone know where I could buy a 14" barrel for the M2? - I have called Beretta with no luck. - I fully understand the BATF requirements for building a SBS.
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