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  1. My mom said i can be whatever i want.. And the NYC Det. Diploma that came out of the cracker jack's box had a spot to put my name on it!
  2. Just wanted to say thanks again.. Texas Skeeter sent me a pistol grip stock for my new M4 for free because i am an NYPD Det. I recently brought the M4 to a "close quarter" training class and used it instead of my useless colt c/ar-15.. The instructors were so impressed with the response of the weapon along with the comfort of the spread pattern,(makes it real hard to miss your target) that they are considering aquiring a contract to issue the M4 as an entry weapon!! Although the gov't just cut our homeland security budget 10 days after a bomb attempt; it shouldn't affect our firearms funds.. If it goes through, it's all because of TS's generousity! Now to change the topic.. Does anyone have the new Smith and wesson M&P pistol? 9mm or .40cal?? I want to get one but haven't heard any reviews from actually gun lovers. I don't feel like being their guinea pig.. (I'm an italian cop, no Guinea pig jokes, haha )..
  3. Hey TS.. got the stock today.. You are a man of your word! It is a brand new pistol grip in the factory box.. I may contact you this week to hold my hand as i attempt the switch myself. it doesn't look difficult, but i'm sure i can find a way to screw it up! TS gives a free stock.. Panama buys dinnner.. will you guys please move to NYC.. Here we're lucky if people let us have a drink from there garden hose! A uniform (or authority) is looked down upon here; until someone drives a plane into our buildings.. then, they're clapping and calling us hero's.. NYC is a messed up place.. It's gonna get worse. Thank God for Benelli M4's and gun owners like all of you.. Protect your gun rights! you're gonna need them!
  4. TS.. I can't say thanks enough.. I will put it to good use.. I can't wait to get my M4 on the street and see a perps face when he's looking at the wrong end of my barrel.. I'm trying to get everyone in my unit to get one; i really think fear is a great way to prevent crime.. and nobody is afraid of a Glock 19! haha THanks Greg
  5. Hey TS.. Pictures are in your att.net mailbox. The ones with hair are from my earlier days! haha Thanks Greg
  6. Really TS?? That would be amazing! but completely unnecessary.. Don't get me wrong, i would be very thankful but even at $100, it is a very fair price. I'll e-mail you a pic tonight when i get to work. It probably won't be my academy pic since digital cameras were a new invention then, but i'm sure i can dig up some photos.. Again, i have no problem paying for the stock.. either way it will proudly protect my house and family! Thanks Greg
  7. Please ignore previous post.. i figuered out how to read private messages.. sorry for the hassle.. "Old dog, New Tricks"! Thanks again for your help. Greg
  8. Hey TS.. I'm really new to talking on any sort of forum.. You said "pm sent my way".. ?? i have no idea what that means! haha i', guessing that means "payment method" but sent where? haha I'm just a dumb cop from NYC.. haha You're probably gonna have to hold my hand to make this sale happen. When you get a chance, just give me detailed instructions of what i need to do.. If you can just post your regular e-mail address, i'll send you all my info and send you payment in any form. I just don't want to post personal infor on the forum. Thanks for the patients.. I really appreciate it. Greg:)
  9. Hey NeednCash.. I'm new to the forum and learning how it works. If you looked a little closer at the number of my posts you would see that it was my 3rd time posting. I guess since you have 79 posts you're a pro at this and don't have to nice to new people. I work a lot and don't have time to master the art of web posting! Maybe try posting less rude things to new people and working more.. Then you won't "NEED CASH".. To everyone else.. THank You for all the good advice.. I'm in the process of purchasing the stock from Texas Skeeter. TS- please contact me for payment. THanks Greg
  10. I'll take it! I'm new to the forum so they will not allow me to post my e mail address yet.. can you send me yours and we can talk privately about payment methods and addresses.. Thanks Greg
  11. Is the pistol Grip stock still availible? thanks Greg
  12. Hey Gentlemen. I need to purchase an m4 pistol grip stock in black.. does anyone have one for sale or know a good sight to order one from?? Thanks Greg
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