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  1. Many thanks Shadow.... All PM's Responded to!
  2. MuNgEr


    You might try the threads in these...... http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/forumdisplay.php?f=121 http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=40059 http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewforum.php?f=7 but your eyes will hurt and your wallet will soon thin out!
  3. Hi, as it says on Calguns, its 99% as it has the tiny visible nick. Its been through one SG class (about 150 shells). PM me if you are interested, preferably via Calguns as I check that with frequency. Thanks again.
  4. All the data is there in the link but I'm asking $2,700.00 (OBO). And thanks for the interest:)
  5. 1. All Three Buttstocks (Field Stock, Collapsible Stock & Pistol Stock) 2. Nodak Spud 2 Shell Extension Mag Tube + Stock One 3. Side Armor M4 Picatinny Side Rails (for light & etc.) 4. All 3 Chokes & Tool 5. All Documentation 6. Pelican 1720 Water Tight Case with (Custom Cut) Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam and Shell Insert. 7. Pelican TSA Combination Locks Here is the link if anyone lives out my way in SoCal, or just wants to see the huge images .... http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=171395 This is just a tiny image..... Thanks
  6. Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam absorbs nothing! All the others do depending on how spongey they are. The CCP foam cuts easily with even a serrated kitchen knife:) Good luck with your new project!
  7. Many Thanks! Yes on both counts. It's the Pelican Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam (expensive but it does not absorb gun oils and cuts better IMHO). You likely already have a favorite source, but here is a link for the APP-1720GUN-2PE http://www.casesbypelican.com/app-1720.htm (closed cell is the bottom of the page).
  8. I ordered mine back in 07, it came in a box and had no chokes. However, the dealer told me they were supposed to be there, called Benelli and they were sent to my ASAP. You can see what they sent me in the lower left (nice little lidded tubes:)..............call Benelli.
  9. Although I doubt this clears anything up for you, Benelli USA part 81041 [sTOCK STD M1014/M4S90 RILSAN] looks like this...... There are no threads at the aperture but there is an approximately 1.5" bolt sticking straight up from the bottom of the aperture, about 11" down the tube (cant get an image of it with my lens on hand), that screws into the end of the gun (like attaching and ARFX to the buffer tube on an AR15). Good luck and hope that helps a little!
  10. I have an M4 with all three stocks and I just looked at an M3 (only cursorily) and the stocks looked similar. Does anyone know if M4 stocks will work on the M3? If they do I think I will pick one up:)
  11. Thats kinda what I figured, they must have a bad one on display. You can rotate it with your thumb and forefinger. I will have to find another one in stock some where to test (had to drive an hour to look at that one:( Thanks for the response.
  12. I have an M4 which I like but want to get a nice pump gun as well. I went to a local shop that had an M3 Convertible, FNTPS, SuperNova Tactical and loads of different 870's. The SuperNova's forehand seemed incredibly loose, loud and wobbly compared to every other pump. I left empty handed but am still looking. Is this how they all are or do they have a bunk one?. If this is normal, are there any aftermarket forhands that may reduce this? Thanks, MuNgEr
  13. I just added one to my M4 accessories (now I have all 3 stocks). I called Benelli and they directed me to a vendor that was a bit less $$ than the one listed (I got the last one in their inventory so call Benelli).
  14. Im not sure if this covers your question, but this is what I was practicing at a tac shotgun class during malfunction drills, (of course I was the only one not using an 870 pump so it took longer for me), and please anyone with a better procedure please chime in! 1. Guns tube is fully loaded but nothing in the chanber. Push the Shell Release Button (pn#076j) and pull back the Bolt Handle (pn#030j) and your ready to fire. 2. If you need to empty the gun quickly (as in a malfunction drill) Push the Shell Release Button (pn#076j) and pull back the Bolt Handle (pn#030j). The first time may/
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