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  1. Would someone post a pic of the M4 field stock and the PG synthetic butt stock removed from the gun, specifically, the end that mates to the receiver. A shot right down the throat of the stock would be helpful. I tried to post pics earlier but this silly site will not allow me to post URL’s yet.
  2. Gentlemen: I have an M4 (1107) I bought second hand – just barely second hand. The original Owner bough it with a factory installed solid synthetic one-piece PG butt stock. He bought a genuine Benelli M4 straight stock (field stock) and swapped the PG out for it. Well, times are tough here in NV and so 4 months and only 60 rounds later, he had to sell it. I was the lucky recipient. I swapped back to the factory original one piece synth. PG butt stock. I sold the straight stock on Gunbroker and the guy who bought it for his M4 says it does not fit his gun and suggested that I sent him an M3 stock by mistake. From the pictures he sent me, my straight stock does not seem to clear the hex nut at the back of his receiver. He says his gun originally had a straight stock and he put the collapsible unit on it. I can only assume he got rid of this original stock and for some reason now wants to go back to the original config. Now – thanx for reading all that – and we are almost to my stupid question. In my investigation of this I have become baffled. I pulled off my PG butt stock today and I’ll be damned if I can figure on how it actually attaches. I ran my pinkie finger into the stock and cannot find any evidence of threads by which this thing would attach to the recoil tube. So, how does the stock actually attach to the recoil tube??? On and off is easy – after pulling the trigger assembly out, turn the stock to the left and it unscrews in about 4-5, 360 degree rotations. It slides of the recoil tube. To go back on, I slid it up the recoil tube, with about 3/16th of an inch left to go to the receiver, it stops. I start spinning it clockwise (right), something in there grabs, about 4-5 turns later it is home, the last 1/4 turn is a *****, if you really muscle it you can go about 1/16 of an inch past bottom dead center for the PG to be in line with the trigger guard. I did that today so I just tapped it back (to the left) with my fist on the PG until the alignment is perfect. I drop in the trigger pack and that keeps the stock from turning out. HONESTLY, What the heck is actually holding this thing on??? And can anyone explain why the field stock I sold does not fit the gun that belongs to the gentleman who bought it. He claims his gun is the M4 (1107) – same designation as mine. I know I'm a newbie and this will probably get slammed, but some technical knowhow is appreciated. Fault Zone
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