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  1. Would someone post a pic of the M4 field stock and the PG synthetic butt stock removed from the gun, specifically, the end that mates to the receiver. A shot right down the throat of the stock would be helpful. I tried to post pics earlier but this silly site will not allow me to post URL’s yet.
  2. Gentlemen: I have an M4 (1107) I bought second hand – just barely second hand. The original Owner bough it with a factory installed solid synthetic one-piece PG butt stock. He bought a genuine Benelli M4 straight stock (field stock) and swapped the PG out for it. Well, times are tough here in NV and so 4 months and only 60 rounds later, he had to sell it. I was the lucky recipient. I swapped back to the factory original one piece synth. PG butt stock. I sold the straight stock on Gunbroker and the guy who bought it for his M4 says it does not fit his gun and suggested that I
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