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  1. Oh ya, if I push the black button on the right side, it loads it just fine.
  2. I have a M4 that I just ordered. I installed the full length mag tube from SOCOMGUY as well as the skeleton stock. Looks great right? Well, before I went to the range to test fire this beauty, I wanted to see if it cycled properly (figured I wasting my time, but what the heck). Well, I filled the mag tube with shells. When it was time, I pulled the bolt back in one swift motion and let go in order to load the shotgun. To my suprise, the shell was still in the bottom area resting on the feed ramp that guides it to the barrel. The shell was resting perfectly horizontal on the feed ramp. Th
  3. Thanks for all the help. The search function also helped a bunch. It was quite easy once the trigger group was removed. I was baby'in too much, but finally put some muscle into it and everything went just fine. The skeleton stock looks great. This morning, I used a $14 heat gun from Farm&Fleet to remove the stock mag tube. It would have been impossible to remove it without that heat gun. The new one from SOCOMGUY fit on perfect and it looks great once again. Finish and fit are superb! I am just sad that I am done modifying it. It was fun putting it together and now
  4. I am swapping out my pistol grip stock for the skeleton stock. I have the rubber recoil pad along with the two phillips head screws removed. I then removed the stock retaining nut (053J), but I am having trouble getting the stock retaining piece out (278J). Its like it is frozen. It did take some muscle to remove the nut and the threads were covered in that white crap. I would like to install the skeleton stock sometime this decade, but it doesnt seem to want to work. I have tapped it with a screwdriver and nothing it jaring it loose. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Whats coming on the black ones now that are backordered?
  6. I was just perusing the Benelli website and saw that the camo M4 had the m4 L.E. roll mark, but the black version did not. What is the deal. I kinda like that m4 roll mark myself.
  7. I am going to the gun show tomorrow and need an answer please?
  8. I have a Benelli M1 Super 90 with the pistol grip stock and 18.5" barrel. I just acquired a +2 extension for it. Is it legal to install it or do I have to have the standard stock on it? I am more of a rifle man and know nothing of the ATF's view on shotguns. Another reason I ask is that I am going to the INDY gun show this week and if I plan on selling it, I don't want to be walking around with a non-compliant ATF setup. I dont want to be pulled into a side room and given the water boarding treatment by some undercover agent. I am thinking the gun would be worth more with
  9. I have a M1 Super 90 for trade. It has maybe 700 rounds through it. I added the +2 extension to it. It has the pistol grip stock. I am looking for a M4 #11707. If anyone wants to trade for it, I would be willing to work something out (i.e M1 plus cash your way). sent me an IM or email
  10. If I order a new Benelli M4 #11707 will it come with the tube milled to accept the skeletonized stock? Also, I can I order it so the receiver will have the m4 LE markings below the ejection area? Thanks I have tried calling Benelli three times over the past week and hung up each time because I have been on hold for up to 12 minutes each time. They have poor contact service IMHO!!! They need to hire more sales reps then. Also, does anyone have the link for a thread that sells extenstion tubes. I think the guys name is SOCOM and they are selling for $195. Thanks
  11. Will the standard pistol stock that comes on the M4 work on the m1 super 90 (not the skeleton stock).
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