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  1. Sounds like a good deal. Let us know how its holds up.
  2. I've been terying to get my hands on the benelli case and have been unsuccesfulo. My local gun club did a torture test on a pelican case and now I think I'm gonna get the Pelican 1720. Any forum members have experience with Pelican products?
  3. For target shooting get the #8 federal pack for like 23 bucks at Wally world like duggan said. If its brand new out of the box imo run some heavy loads such as 00 buck and 1 1/8 oz slugs for the 1st 100 or so shots then she will pretty much cycle anything.
  4. TLR 2 light/laser and benelli oem collapsible stock. The 1st must is an extended mag tube but sounds like you already got that.
  5. I have a 6 shot black nylon type sidesaddle that mounts to my stock with velcro on my M4. It is my HD and range fun toy. The reason I like the extra shells is that with the local increase in home invasions here in Phoenix its always seems to be 3-4+ assailants.The benelfit of having it on the stock is great as it wont strip or fade your reciever and does not nearly throw off the balance of the gun like one mounted on a reciever. I got mine for like 15 bucks at a local gunshow and really like it.
  6. Looked at both and bought the M4. My favorite shotgun ever. The only reason I would get an FN shotgun is if I couldn't afford the Benelli. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Could be his flash or maybe the cleaner he used, but no mine doesnt look blue. It is grayish black. Good deal though. Have you seen it in person?
  8. TLR-1 for sure. I have a TLR-2 mounted on my M4 and love it. Just shot 100 rounds of cheap Federal, plus a bunch of 3 inch slugs and 00 buck shot and the light and laser held up great under the recoil. The laser is handy for home defense and really fun shooting at the range. The light is led and bright and blinding in a home defense situation.Heck for the price of the surefire light you can get a light laser combo of the TLR-2. Plus the streamlight warranty is lifetime no ?'s asked. Take this from a guy who racked his brains for weeks on what light option to get.lol.
  9. Actually Duggan I believe you are right.
  10. Hello fellow Arizonian. I don't believe it will. On Benelli website I saw something under special purpose with a supernova stock saying they have an adjustable for your gun specifically. Another thing is you would most likely need to have your recoil tube machined with notches so it could be used in the adj. positions.
  11. Thx for your review Duggan. I'm gonna place my order today cause he shipped yours so quick.
  12. It seems pretty common to have to wait for any tactical Benelli. My only recomendation is Cabela's. I agree w cody Obama has cause d a real backup. I went to my shop in Glendale and they had 5 supernova tacticals but had to get an M4 instead. You will be happy though once you shoot it.
  13. They have one at my local gun shop. Owner says other than the one on his M4 he doesnt remember selling one.
  14. Knowing your past experiences of missing this stock for sale on the forums I bet your bid is quite high. Best of luck.
  15. I have mine mounted on the magazine barrel right infront of the hand grip so I can use the switch very naturally. Its tricky but I found out though trial and error if you place it just right it will still dissaseble without having to remove the rail. And oh btw the laser light combo is absolutely sick.lol.
  16. I really like the concept. Kinda suprised by the comments lol. Wonder if someone will pay heck look at what kimber paid for his m1014.lol.
  17. Wow looks like she's gone already. People are crazy for these M4's.lol.
  18. This is kinda funny because I had a dream awhile back about an M4 like this. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. Makes me want a 2nd M4.Scary expensive, but most likely one of a kind. Drool on this link. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=120061541
  19. I like to buy the best for my M4 but cant justify the 300 rail when the 25 laserlyte works great.Plus you can get the light/laser combo with rail for much less. If placed properly on the gun field stripping will not require removal of the rail.
  20. Let us know how you like the night sights on the M4. Been thinking about adding them, but might be overkill with my light and laser.lol.
  21. Glad to see I could help with the price point. Looks like your price was just right for someone. maybe conservative with how fast it sold but what the heck you got her sold and thats all that matters. Its amazing how many people want to be members of our M4 family.
  22. Don't worry you will find one. It was tough for me to find my M4 as well. If you must have one now you can try gunbroker.com This is a very popular shotgun right now due to the upcoming Obamanation.
  23. I would say at least 2K.Maybe 2500+ if you have time to wait for a buyer.
  24. Great. Bet you made out very good.
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