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  1. Would you pull the trigger? (no pun intended). He said the price has gone up $80 since I put my name on the list but would honor the 'old' price. Need your advice as this is my first foray into shotguns (coming from the evil black rifle obsession). Thanks all
  2. Are the 1107 and the 11707 different versions of the M4? I've seen a few mentions of the 1107 (including searching the forums here), and also a dealer said he had an 1107... but wasn't sure if he meant 11707 or not. sorry for the dumb question, but I am new to Benelli and still searching for my M4... can't find one anywhere.... Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've exhausted all the obvious choices. Called every dealer within 2 hours of my home, and had Cabelas/Gander search nationwide. No 11707's currently available. Anyone know where to find one thats still NIB? Thanks!
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