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  1. Sounds cool. Some pics would be really great if you have time :-)
  2. How do you mount the laserlyte rail so field stripping is still possible? Do you mount it on the barrel?
  3. Erik That is fricking awesome. Love how you modified the stock forend, and can flick the light switch without an extension cable. I might try to do what you have done, with perhaps a shorter rail. Any advice? Phil
  4. Ok, understood. Do you need to remove the laserlyte rail to field strip the gun?
  5. Thanks Sneakerfrek - I will take a look at the TLR-2. How did you attach the unit to the M4?
  6. Does anyone have any experience with the Surefire 617LF weapon light system - looks pretty neat. They only say M1 & M2 models - does anyone know if it fits an M4? http://www.surefire.com/LED-Momentary-Constant-On-Switching-617LF
  7. Sounds cool - and you can field strip the gun without removing the clamp? Any pics you could post? Phil
  8. Hi guys I have a stock M4, and I am looking to add a tactical light system - I'd rather not pay hundreds of dollars for a replacement rail system, as it's overkill for what I need. I can't imagine attaching anything else apart from the light (and perhaps a side saddle later). The main requirement I am looking for is that I can field strip the gun without tools. Any advice?
  9. I am still grappling with understanding 922R and the implications of installing a full length tube. I'd like to remain legal.. Anyone have any advice?
  10. Hi, I am in the market for an M4, and will email you now. Phil
  11. I'm looking to buy a Benelli M4 before Christmas, and I am located in the San Francisco Bay area (East Bay). I've called a few shops, and nobody has any in stock, and cannot say when they will arrive. Any suggestions? Phil
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