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  1. I stand corrected per Duggan. It is smooth bore M4 upon closer examination.
  2. The m2 will allow more barrel options for hunting or 3 gun. Now with the way are political atmosphere is I would not recommend gettiing rid of the M4 right now. This will only increase in value. Honestly if I were in your shoes I would hang on to my M4 for at least 1 year after buying your new M2. If you decide at that point you dont use it and want to get rid of it it will only be worth more.
  3. We should take your friend out with his pump and my M4. By the time he's firing his 2nd or 3rd shot Ill have them all out my semi auto. The gases from the blow back have only a slight affect on the #'s and no real world affect on actually stopping power. No matter what type of shotgun you have semi or pump a well placed shot will knock down almost anything.
  4. Wow. The power of the internet. Where from from fellow forum member? +1 Tucker301
  5. I don't see it be vital or affecting your scope zero. As mentioned earler unless you drop your gun really, really hard it might bend. If you are super anal you could get a factory full length or +2 factory as mine seems extremely durable. I bet I could hit someone in the head with it and still function.lol.
  6. +1 no need to be worried with quality ammo that has no visible signs of wear.
  7. Merry Christmas. May your New Year be healthy, prosperous, and full of range or hunting time for your Benelli.
  8. I jst wanted to update everyone that I ended up going with a tlr-2 light laser combo mounted on a Laserlyte tri rail mount. I really like the idea of the laser for aiming with the stock fully collapsed. The light seems extremly bright and the laser is very visible even in the desert sun. Have not went shooting yet but will report back a reveiw on range and desert shooting. In my opinion this thing would make an intruder s**t themself.Thanks for all the help guys.
  9. I broke mine in with 00 Federal,Federal slugs,Federal 00 in both the 3 inch and 2-3/4 variety. I also ran 2 boxes of 25 3 inch Mag Kents Diamond shot that was a very heavy load. Since then I've ran everything from 00 to cheap winchester wally world. Functions flawless. If I were you I would shoot the 1st 100 or so 00 Federal to get things fluid then shoot the cheap stuff. Its a debate on here but just my 2 cents.
  10. I mounted a tlr-2 light/laser combo on a laserlyte trirail shotgun mount and love it. I gotta tell you this thing will make the intruders s**t in their pants.Overall I chose this option because you get a light laser combo cheaper than you can even get a Surefire weapon mounted type light in my area. Also will make aiming with the collapsable stock much easier when fully collapsed. Will let you guys know how the laser works at the range and in the bright desert sun.
  11. +1 on the field stock. Cash in hand. refs available.
  12. Every m1014 Ive seen online or in a store just has the pistol grip not collapsable. Please explain how m1014 is a better gun then a 11707?
  13. If you are wanting a collapsible stock it is key to get the 11707 model not the m1014. The m1014 does not have the recoil tube that will allow the stock to be adjusted. I am also in Phoenix and would try Scottsdale Gun Club or Cabelas for the gun and gunbroker.com for the tube and stock. Just an fyi stocks are around 800 and full length oem tubes are 700-900 unless you find a fellow forum member here who will give you a good deal. I feel this would be the ultimate M4 as I love mine. Just remember this might be expensive but with Benelli you will have it for life.
  14. Stock received. Highly recommended seller. Thanks chromegsxr2002.
  15. Just get what you want legal advice on a forum like this would be useless. I recommend the factory tube or +2 exension. try gunbroker.
  16. +1 I would like to know as well
  17. I thought about getting there light/ laser combo for my M4. Any one used the insight or streamlight light/laser combo with there shotty?
  18. PM Duggan. I'm sure he'll take it off your hands.
  19. Sorry. Stell tubing just like the barrel.
  20. I would highly doubt its lethal and would not use it for home defense. The round will break into sand like matertial when it comes in contact with something . If your worried about the rest of the neighborhood use #4 shot instead of 00. Federal make some great #4 for home defense. http://sgcusa.com/product_info.php?cPath=3_75&products_id=550
  21. They sure do. It is a military or leo order only. I bid on one on gunbroker last month but didnt meet reserve. He wanted $850.
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