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  1. I have the field stock on now. If you're patient and if no one buys then I may consider paying the gun shop guy to take off the field stock and install the PG. Patience is virtue.
  2. I have a Benelli M4 for sale in Chicago, IL. I have both the field stock and PG stock for sale. Asking $1,550 or best offer. Only shot 10 low-recoil slugs to set up ghost ring sights. Comes in OEM box. Will throw in additional PG stock as a bonus.
  3. I have a Benelli M4 for sale, I have both a field and PG stock, the field stock is currently installed. I shot 10 to 12 rounds about a year ago to get the sights set. Excellent condition. $1,500. I can even throw in a new Benelli Tactical shotgun soft case in black.
  4. Good to hear. The scenario you described is the one we all fear family will have to face, but hope that our families are prepared to react to effectively with force if need be.
  5. Use big rubber bullets to scare the bears away instead of trying to kill one. Hmm . . . but if comes down to me living or dying I'd want 00 buckshot with nine pellets from Winchester.
  6. Could you tell what model EOTech scope you have mounted on your M4? It looks sweet.
  7. How about $400.00 US? When you say NIB, I take it you mean new in box as in never been mounted before or installed? Let me know.
  8. I'm waiting on receiving my 4-shot aluminum holder from Mesa Tactical. I debated between the 4-and-6-shot and decided to go with the 4-shot because I didn't want the holder to look overbearing. I'll post pics of mine once I get my mine.
  9. Ok guys. Once more, after doing research, calling and speaking with a number of Chicago Police Officers who are familiar with Chicago firearm laws said the M4 is legal. I described the M4 by saying that is is a semi-automatic shotgun and that the M4 has a pistol grip with stock and is 18.5" in length. CPD said it was legal. Based on that, I bought my M4 and I will update you after I register it.
  10. Yes, a pistol only . . . is illegal in Chicago. A pistol grip with stock . . . is legal. We're talking about shotguns, right. And yes, barrels in Chicago have to be 18" or longer.
  11. How are the guns laws where you live? Are they as strict as Chicago?
  12. You sound pretty serious, but I'll follow the laws of Chicago so I "may" hold my M4.
  13. Like I said, I called and spoke to three different CPD officers, including two from my district. As long as the "shotgun" has a pistol with stock you're ok. Pistol grip only is illegal as this shortens the length of the barrel.
  14. Any shotgun with only a pistol grip is illegal. However, shotguns with a pistol grip and stock attached are legal as well as the rest of Cook County. I know because I called CPD three times and proceeded to purchased my Benelli M4 based on the clarification I received after searching for answers. What dealer will you be buying from?
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