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  1. You bought an absolute lemon, get rid of it quick- I will sacrifice and give you $500 for it to cushion the blow.
  2. Obama is killing America because your ass DOES look fat in that skirt.
  3. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Fit/handeling is everything in wing shooting, I went through 7 or 8 guns before I found my "sweet spot" scatter gun for winged critters. (A Browning Citori, shhhhh.... don't tell anybody, this is a Benelli forum after all)
  4. D S Arms, Inc P.O Box 370 Barrington, IL 60011 Phone# (847) 277-7258 http://www.dsarms.com/BT-Rail-and-Mounts/products/77/2/0 They have both the single and double mounts.
  5. There is not room to mount it with the flange between the tubes. You can rotate it some to position the light in relation to the barrel.
  6. The B&T unit is simple, rugged, easy on/off. What else could you ask for?
  7. Advil and then some more Advil if the first go-round didn't work.
  8. Amen on the stock! But I do not care for the engraving- I guess I could take an angle grinder to the receiver- hmmmmmm. TH
  9. Teufel-hunden

    M4 Camo

    I say shoot it! If ya want to make money invest in the stock market- TH
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