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  1. Who said i was getting RID of the first one? never! but i do think i would like to switch to gas, and probly an auto
  2. Greetings! I got my first gun ever on the way to a goose hunt as a present in 2004.. A 20ga nova pump. I love my little gun but I am looking into getting an upgrade, A better waterfowling machine for myself. I work at a store that sells firearms so I try to pick brains and shoulder a few. But I get teased for shooting a 20ga and shooting a Benelli. I can handle the beef, it comes with the job and I can carve it just as fast as they can kill it, that 20ga just means I have to shoot better ..jk. But I like that its small, as Im all 5'2''. It fits me. And Id like to stick loyal with my firs
  3. any good books/ vids out there to help with aiming/ form on target shooting?
  4. I was going to say something about front sights buuuuttt.... i see i strolled into the vinci fan club! id like to shoot one but cant give any 2 cents in that department..
  5. I think its a matter of finding a reasonable catering
  6. i like my nova, but i did have it jam a few times, just dirt in the firing pin, a tad too lubey in the sandy shorelines.
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