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  1. Saw the pics and looks extremely interesting! Kip, order inbound shortly.
  2. Thanks for the response Cleefurd. Any chance you can take a few pics of your choke and muzzle brake combo. I'd love to see how the two connect and how the attachment works. Frankly I just about went and bought one because I own at least one of every other product you make for the M4 (which the rail rocks BTW), but realized I didn't quite know how this whole thing went together..
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply Duggan. I realize that the ATF does not consider the M4 to have a barrel extension after tracking down the letter so, in a sense, there is no barrel extension to replace. Kip's muzzle brake sure looks interesting though.
  4. As far as 922® is concerned, is a muzzle brake addition (with the requisite accessory choke) considered a replacement for the "barrel extension" and swaps to a US made part? Also, does Kip's accessory choke have "US" stamped in them at all?
  5. So these muzzle brakes look pretty sweet but have a few questions. How does the muzzle brake attach to the M4? Is this a combination choke-like insert that threads in and has the brake attached? Is it one piece or two? As far as federal legality, are there any issues to know about? What about CA state legality?
  6. Looks interesting but what sort of benefit does this provide to the M4 user beyond the stock choke options?
  7. +1000! The stock sight system is the pits in my opinion on the M4. The rear ghost ring is fine, it's the front sight that I desperately want to replace. My issues are: 1. The three dot sight system is just strange in its use. The setup has you hold the front sight dot below the rear two dots to aim properly rather than an intuitive "3 dot across" in a straight line which is customary on most other dot oriented sights out there. I'd love to see a "3 dots across" option by replacing the front sight. 2. The ability to see the front sight is sometimes difficult as it does not stand out very well. If there were two options, one with a fiber optic bead (like on the Dawson Precision front Glock sights) and another with a tritium insert and white outer lining, those would absolutely take the cake and improve this weapons system substantially! Cleefurd, I'm a huge fan of your products already. I own a titanium full length tube and have your new picatinny rail installed (both top notch BTW). Bring out a front sight that accomplishes the two above requirements and you'll be a Benelli god!
  8. I have a 21" barreled Benelli M2 Field with Nordic +5 tube and a few other mods to take part in 3-gun events. I'm looking at taking part in a particular competition in a few weeks that requires the use of slings while transitioning to a pistol. I'm hoping that I can get a good 2 point sling setup like an AR for this gun. Unfortunately all I see is a sling swivel mount on the bottom of the stock and the front swivel point has been replaced with a Nordic tube so there is nothing to mount up front. Is there a stock wrap mount that allows sling attachment to the top of the stock comb? Is there a sling attachment point that can be added on the side in front of the handguard? What do you guys recommend?
  9. As I understand the Inertia system, upon firing, the gun moves back along with the locked bolt leaving the bolt carrier to remain stationary until such time the bolt compresses the inertia spring causing the bolt carrier to direct stored energy rearward to cycle the action. Thus shouldered or unshouldered, the Inertia system will cycle. That said, I believe if you can lock the gun from moving rearward upon firing, the Inertia system will fail to cycle. Now that said, I can't think of a realistic way of doing this aside from putting an M2 in a vice around the receiver and stopping all rearward motion with a very large mass under the vice. Very unlikely in a real world shooting scenario. This same theory does align well with the idea that mounting a lot of extra weight to the gun can reduce cycle reliability. Add enough weight and you essentially mimick my vice grips example. There is an excellent writeup on the Inertia system on Wikipedia here.
  10. Burris Fastfire II on the picatinny mount. Provides a real nice sight picture!
  11. Well, I must say. There doesn't seem to be a single M4 field stock avaialble anywhere! I've been looking all over creation and everybody either doesn't sell it or is sold out (without any prospects of one coming in any time soon). Anybody have any "in stock" leads?
  12. Turns out that Able's doesn't have any in stock and won't for approx. 120 days...... Bummer. Where else to purchase one for less than $170?
  13. So I have to ask, what is a good price on a M4 field stock?
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