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  1. alisske

    M4 and Slugs

    Texan, I got some nice groups out of Federal TruBall slugs. I would advise trying a box or two. I think you will be happy with the stock set up.
  2. This thread reads great. Tbone got me to laugh out loud. FWIW, for 250 bucks more, I will put EOM on my gun. BUT, everyone is entitled to thier opinion.
  3. IDGAF. Question answered.
  4. +1 on combat time (mossberg) Negative on the rest. Maybe I can make the grade on the home shooting if I invite some select forum members over for dinner.
  5. alisske

    benelli m1014

    Duggan, that is your que for one a those "snazzy" picture depicting some ********.
  6. I think Benelli has that policy becuase of the possibility of using cast alloy slugs like a Dixie slug. I would not want to shoot a Dixie slug out of a full choke. With foster type slugs, no problem, but all slugs are not created equal.
  7. Just FYI in case I agree with your comments, you will avoid shortstroking by using a semi. (I am a little hung over) I just thought the point of reliability was being discussed in relation to why we love the M4. I love it becuase it is a bad ass shotgun that is fun to shoot.
  8. I agree folks can short stroke, but as a tool, a pump is more reliable. People that shortstroke either need more training, or don't have the disposition for the job. When I referenced the most important factors during a high stress situation, training and "testicular fortitude" rank at the top. Additionally, I would bet that most HD shootings (as well as law enforcement shooting) are single shot events. Go into you garage and close the doors and blast off a round. Then try to aim for a follow up shot. I think you will not be thinking straight if it is the first time you experienc
  9. Duggan, I have been on severalbdifferent continents and put down many a "badguy". But the only thing I ever short stroked is in my pants. Spend a couple a years training to kill people, and "short stroking" won't be a problem.
  10. Unob and H&K, Thanks for being cool! I am just getting back from seeing my service buddys! Yeah, we were young, mean as ****, and damn deadly! Semper fi MF!
  11. H&K - you are a vagina. Are you 6 years old just fresh off your mamas tit? Now, that doesn't sound nice.
  12. BTW Unob, I am just poking fun to give some perspective. You will be the same way in 10-20 years.
  13. Geneleo & Darkjedi, +1 one your comments. As far as why own a benelli? Because I can afford to nowadays. (after 10 years in service and a few more in security). It is a great all round shotgun and stretches the limits of a tactical shotgun. Unob, if you are so pickled ass about reiability, get a moss pump gun. Nothing is more reliable than a pump. A pump gun is more reliable then a auto. ( nothing against autos, I love my M4) And as a general statement, the benelli M4 outperforms most of it's owners. In all my time using a pump as a weapon, I never emptied the mag
  14. alisske

    memorial day

    It is that time of the year. Remember those we can't thank. Thank those we can.
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