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  1. I knew I would never put the factory one back on after getting my extended tube from KIP. Used a heat gun, but because I have a camo M4, I was worried about the finish. So I got my large pipe wrench and it came right off. Really left some nasty teeth marks on the factory mag. I did find a good use for the factory tube - we used in on the 4th of July to shoot bottle rockets.
  2. I had changed from a mesa tactical 4 shell carrier to a 6 shell carrier. The screws were a tad longer in the new Mesa kit and were rubbing against the breech extension (barely touched it) but it was enough to make it a pain in the butt to install and remove the barrel. I took the screws that hold the mesa shell carrier out and took off a tad on the threaded end (with the bench grinder) until I could no longer feel the tip inside the receiver assembly when the shell holder was installed. Works like new, and the barrel is easy to remove. Mike
  3. After shooting last week, I came home and took apart the M4. The barrel was a bear to remove. No obvious dents or trauma. Even after cleaning and lube, its really tough to reinstall. Any suggestions. I'm tempted to use a little emory cloth. Thanks
  4. erskatedoc

    Best Sabots

    The wife asked me to have some extra slugs on hand. She loves skeet and trap and as a result of her comfort with SG's, she prefers her M4 over a rifle. She asked me to get a few hundred rounds of Sabots (for HD). Any suggestions? I have little practical experience with Sabots. Cabelas has a sale on Winchester Supreme XP3 300 gr Sabot Slugs ($11.99/box of 5) with free shipping. Any other suggestions? __________________
  5. Because I can squeeze off 108 pellets of single "O" buck (0.32 inches each) in 4 seconds. I know its only a wild guess, but that should be theoretically possible to stop any crystalmeth using zombie.
  6. I had a 4 shell mesa. Upgraded to the 6 shell holder. No problems for my M4. Everything Mesa makes is high quality.
  7. Both Slugs and Sabots are fine with the M4 as well as the accuracy. I prefer the low recoil slugs because its like shooting a 22 rifle (very little kick) but they will do some serious damage. The benelli m4 is like a fat chick at home town buffet - will eat everything you feed her without hesitation!!!
  8. Put the new Desert Tan Titanium mag on the Camo M4 - looks and works great!!!
  9. Just got the Desert Tan titanium magazine from GunBroker.com and the spring that came with it is perfect!!! The install was simple. Love the extra capacity.
  10. erskatedoc

    M4 Butt Pad

    Who makes a nice recoil butt pad for an M4? Mike Benelli M4 Camo Browning 12G pump Colt Commander .45 S&W M&P Subcompact 9mm Ruger GP 100 .357 Beretta 92 FS Ket Tec SU 16 .223
  11. I use the Estate from Cabellas for practice in my M4 Camo at the range. Shot 150 rounds last night and not one problem (other than my shoulder being sore and a big smile on my face driving home last night)
  12. Added a few goodies to the Camo M4 - Laserlyte tri-rail mounting system - Mesa Shureshot Shell Carrier (4) - Mako Light holder (Desert Tan) How do I post my Pics in the thread?
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