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  1. Southsti, I ordered One some time ago. I did get it. If I remember correctly it took a few days to get it to me. Also, (I did not go throught the thread) is there a phone number for Cleefurd posted on this thread?
  2. getafterit

    M4 Capacity?

    Any time! How are you liking your M4?
  3. getafterit

    M4 Capacity?

    Since noone else replied to our question Ill answer. I figured it out while out shooting my M4. You load the tube to max capacity. Then pull the bolt/carrier back far enough to add another round on top of the ramp, or shell carrier. After adding that round, hold the same round so as to clear the bolt/carrier as you move the B/C forward just slightly. Then add another round directly into the chamber. If you have the factory Five round tube you now have 7 shots at the ready. Five in the tube, One on the shell carrier/ramp and One in the tube. If you have the Seven round tube then you have a total of Nine shots at the ready. Make sense?
  4. Cleefurd, I did not get an email stating that the springs were available. Can you send me the info needed to order One? Thanks, Marco.
  5. Just wanted to bump this thread. Is the ETA on the springs still a go? I want One.
  6. I think what you are reffering to is in regards to re-chambering handgun rounds. When chambering handgun rounds it is possible to have the bullet setback due to the contact with the feedramp. This usually only happens when the bullet is not crimped properly. I dont think this could be a problem with shotgun shells but like others mentioned just inspect your ammo for visible signs of wear, cracks bulges etc. Happy shooting.
  7. Just ask the guys in Syria that were on the wrong end of the M4....wait, you can ask them cause they are DEAD. The amount that is lost would never be noticed by you, your shoulder or the bird/bad guy at the other end of your shotgun. Besides that, like the guy above stated. If for some reason a few feet per second difference makes a difference just squeeze off four or five more rounds. I would be willing to wager my M4 that I could bang out 4 shots to his One. I am sure others would agree
  8. getafterit

    Ammo for M4

    I showed similar results with my M4. I was using the Federal 00 buck full power loads with the "flight control wad" I was shooting a 22" round plate at 50 yards on the dot. All nine pellets struck the plate with only one of the nine out of center mass. There are many different rounds out there that have their claim to fame but I think the federal full power 00 buck flight control are some of the best. Now, with that said. Like mentioned above. For getting the feel of your shotgun pick up the 100 round value pack from wal mart. I first used the Winchester with decent results then bought the Federal with better results. My only problem with either of the rounds were that the last round would not fully feed onto the carrier causing the ramp to pin the shell half way into the tube. I dont think that this is an ammo issue as much as it is my mag spring being too weak to feed the last round. I have a full length Daves Metal Works tube on mine. In the factory configuration you should really be fine with whatever round you choose to feed it. Just remember whatever round you choose when you think you have enough to take out and shoot...double it. Shooting the M4 is like no other shotgun out there. It truely is the most fun of any shotgun I have ever shot. Have fun and give us a range report!
  9. How/where do we place our orders and what payment do you accept?
  10. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your wife and daughter. To stay in the game after such a loss takes a determined soul. Thank you, Marco.
  11. does anyone know where we can get one of the carrier comp springs? I checked Wolff's website and dont see anything listed there. Anyone have a part number.
  12. I am a bit disapointed that Benelli uses sub-par materials in such a high end shotgun. The springs are relatively inexpensive so it seems to me why not upgrade the materials, tempering etc. etc. To have a malfunction is to be expected in ANY weapon platform. It can and eventually will happen. But to have malfunctions on a regular basis from a weapon right out of the box with no cure other than to replace a component (mag spring) with an aftermarket replacement is unexceptable. I think Benelli should step up to the plate and offer a better spring that does not compress like what we are seeing. I have had 30 round AR mags loaded for years on end with no noticable loss in performance. Anyway, I am in the same boat and would like to have a shotgun that will unload all the rounds, from the first to the last.
  13. How about a link to your site or an email address.
  14. What luck have you guys een that are using the Wolff springs? I am seeing the last rounds jam too. I am using the D.M.W.'s One piece full length tube with the spring that comes with it. I am going to use the factory Benelli spring and see if that cures it. I have also noticed that it only jams when I use field load. When I use Federal full power 00 buck it runs perfect. Maybe the field loads are short stroking slightly and that is causing the jams?
  15. I was only asking because some M4's seem to come with the snap ring seal and some did not. I was just trying to determine if this part was excluded from the newer M4's.
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