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  1. My girlfriend is looking at getting a semiauto shotgun. she doesnt plan on shooting alot so spending that much on a Benelli seems silly to me. On the otherhand I dont know much about the Stoeger guns. How well are the Stoegers built and is it worth just getting a Benelli. Thanks
  2. gunjunkie89


    I am looking for at scopes but i am confused. The lower magnification sccopes have a max internal adjustment of 80 MOA. While the Larger magnifications only have a 34 MOA adjustment. I would think that the farther the scope can see the more you should be able to adjust the scope. If anybody knows anything about this please help.
  3. when i went back the gun was gone. i am sad i wasnt able to look closer.
  4. i looked at it pretty close when i picked it up and it had the benelli name on it. i am going back to the gun shop this weekend i will check those things you guys talked about. Thanks Guys
  5. I was out checking out a local gun store when i stumbled upon a sbe 2. i never pass up the chance to look at such a nice gun. The owner of the store told me it was being sold for $350. i couldnt believe this because i bought my sbe 1 for 600. Is there anyway that this could be a fake or is this the real thing. if there is no way it is a fake i might have to go back and buy it. Thanks guys
  6. H&K usp .45 is what i use to protect my house. I just picked it up and i love it. Before that i used a Sig Sauer p226 in a .40. Both are great guns but i like more stopping power and a slower bullet.
  7. my dad just bought a new M2. we took it to the range and shot some shells. he was not hitting and we couldnt see were he was missing. just wondering if there is a easy way to see where the gun is shooting. Thank You
  8. thanks guys i thought it sounded dumb i just needed something to prove him wrong
  9. i have a SBE and i love it. my friend said he hates semi auto because you lose stopping power in the round. he said the power is lost because it has to reload the next shell. i was wondering if it is true and if so how much power is lost. thanks
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