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  1. I grew up on the M3 and dont see any issues with that shotgun. Now today I personally own and prefer and M4. Just my 2 cents.What would you be using your M3 for?
  2. I love Benellis. Had an M3 and M4. Guess I'm partial.lol Get an M2.
  3. Congrats and welcome to the M4 family. Shoot it and I know you will enjoy it thoroughly.
  4. According to most on this website no replacement of spring is neccasary with a stock mag ext.
  5. Just look at gunbroker and gunsamerica. prices for not only M4 but collapsable stocks and mag tubes just keep rising as well. **** my range didnt even have any federal 00 buck.
  6. If you bought a 1500 dollar M4 I would spend the extra money to get a real Factory Benelli extension or tube. Just mho.
  7. Where in Arizona are you located? Are you looking for a new or used one? Try Scottsdale Gun Club. Gotta love their awesome customer service.Cabelas is where I would check as they were running a $100 Cabela bucks w M4 Purchase. Good luck to you.
  8. Benelli m3 is what I grew up on. Great guns but I still bought an M4. They are def. available just rare and most likely a special order or gunbroker.com deal.
  9. Shot about 250 rounds through mine the 1st week and seems to function flawless. I put a bunch of Federal slugs, 00 buck, 000 buck, and some diamond turkey shot 3 inch magnums. I love my M4!
  10. M3s are really fun and getting harder and harder to find.
  11. Wow 500 Thats a steal. Looks like I joined a couple days to late.lol
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