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  1. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
  2. For the ones that have them. How do you use it? (dry or with solivant) How do you clean it, and how often? Do you like them?
  3. Well i was just going by the list of guns they say are Crio treated, and the Vinci wasn't on it.
  4. Just wondering, and why not.
  5. Thanks all. Tucker, nice link, thank you!
  6. Bye taking out those 2 washers do you have a 24" barrel now? Thanks for your input Mike.
  7. I second that. Compare *****s to *****s, not a ***** to a watermelon. What i can't write a-p-p-l-e
  8. What are the pro's and con's for this size barrel?
  9. This is why i believe everything i read.
  10. Thanks for the input guys. I'm still undecided though. It's the $500 vs the $1200 that has me. If it was $500 vs $800 it would be a easy decision. That is why i would like to know more about the Crio barrels and such.
  11. Did i ask some taboo questions? I didn't mean too, just want some honest input. Ok how about this. Do you think the Crio barrels and choke tubes really make a difference?
  12. I'm new so hi all. I'm thinking of getting a M2 or a M2000. My questions are for the people who own both. 1-Are the Benelli's that much better than the Stoeger? 2-Do the Stoegers shoot high like Benellis? 3-Does the stock and cryo barrels really make a difference? Tell me what you like and dislike about each gun. Thanks!
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