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  1. We keep the magazines of our shotguns in our patrol cars loaded all year long. We replace the ammo annual at inservice training, when we re-qualify with them again, and shoot up all the old ammo. I've seen this for the last five years with the same shotguns, with no failures yet. We do not store ammo in the Speedfeed stocks though, as it pops the recoil pad off.

    Ruger SR-556

    "Relatively new design" that "system" has been around for years. The piston has been used in many designs, three that come to mind immediately, SKS, AK-47, FN-FAL. Some of the most dependable, and widely used arms in the world. On the AR-15/M-16 system, in training (Law Enforecement & Military) we have trained many officers daily, with thousands of rounds fired (in a single day)without cleaning, without a single failure. For home defense use, and practice you should never see enough firing to get it "dirty" enough to cause a failure. IF you use the proper ammo.
  3. 100 to 300 yards is really stretching it. 100 yards is max for average Law Enforcement. Most states have done away with the "Fleeing Felon" laws. So if you are shooting at someone fleeing from a crime, UNLESS he is firing at you, or actively endangering an innocent, then you are the one in trouble.
  4. Can't decide? Buy a Benelli M-3!! Now you have both in one.
  5. It's back up now, along with new price list on the Urbino stocks. http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=152
  6. Yes, it is the extended tube. The standard tube stops about 2 inchs forward of the fore end nut.
  7. The twenty ninth edition (year old edition) of the BLUE BOOK OF GUN VALUES shows a value of $1195.00 in 100% condition, without the extended magazine. Gunbroker M-3's are ranging from $450.00 (bid) to $1400.00 (wanted) right now. Value? Whatever someone who really wants it will pay.
  8. PM sent. Along with enough words to post message.

    Any Interest?

    I realise that this is a benelli site, but I figure that many of you, are as I am, and own many other makes and models of firearms.So, here goes: I have two "take off" barrels that I have no use for. Both are fully rifled barrels with rifle sights, 12 gauge, 3 inch chambers, approximately 21 inches long, matte blued finish. One is from a Remington 870, and the other is from a Remington 11-87. I am asking $125.00 for the 870 barrel, and $150.00 for the 11-87 barrel, shipping will be $15.00 to the lower 48, no international sales. Both are in good shape, I just have no use for them
  10. I also have one available if interested. It is the black composite. Without the sling plate.
  11. If that one doesn't work out, let me know, I have a standard field stock. I may be willing to part with.
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